Sep 12, 2017

First Date Ideas: Escape Room

The awkward first date, we’ve all been there. You decide to meet somewhere for overpriced coffee where you spend an hour making small talk. Or you make the mistake of grabbing a late lunch and try to get to know each other in between spoonfuls of Olive Garden pasta. Neither of you even like Olive Garden but you’re both working college students on a budget. On the 4th date one of you will probably admit that you don’t like pasta all that much in the first place. The cycle continues.

What if I told you there was a way to get a real feel for the type of person your date really is? Skip the awkward coffee date, the expensive dinner and try something hands-on and affordable.

The Escape Room is a 60 minute experience that makes you think both critically and creatively as you solve a series of puzzles and codes with a variety of themes to choose from. Get a glimpse of your date’s personality. Do they remain calm or lose patience quickly? Do they prefer to work with you as a team or instantly begin trying to solve a puzzle on their own? Most importantly–are they sore losers?  

Maybe they were nice and shared their breadsticks with you during your dinner date. When it comes to sharing the glory though, they want it all for themselves. Or maybe you’re only on the third puzzle and your date is already throwing a fit. Pretty eye-opening isn’t it? The Escape Room requires communication, trust and teamwork. All essential components to a healthy relationship both romantic and platonic.

Nervous about going at it alone? The more the merrier! Invite some friends along. After all, your friends are part of the exclusive package that comes with dating you. Like your parents, your friends only want what’s best for you. That often means telling you things you don’t want to hear…like spotting any red flags when it comes to your date. Perhaps you were too busy doting over their good looks or consistently high Super Smash Bros scores to notice the warning signs.

If you make it through the obstacles and riddles provided in the immersive experience, chances are you won’t be too bad at communicating your frustrations over which Netflix series to binge watch or why you think pasta is overrated. Fast forward to your wedding day–as you’re standing in front of your friends and family, don’t forget to thank Brainy Actz for making it all happen!


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