May 8, 2017

Five Reasons Why Your Company Should Utilize Escape Rooms for Team Building

Five Reasons Why Your Company Should Utilize Escape Rooms for Team Building


Team Building? What the heck is that? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like – working as a team to boost morale, achieve a sense of “togetherness,” and grow in ways beyond imagination. Am I advocating for your company to sing Kumbaya around the campfire? No, not really (unless your company is into that sort of thing). I am, however, urging you to give your honest opinion by asking yourself the following question:

How much does your company actually invest in employee engagement and retention?

Zero? Then, you might want to rethink your perspective on the subject. According to

  • 70% of U.S. workers are not engaged.
  • Companies with engaged employees make 2.5x the revenue.
  • Highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their company.

It’s no surprise that team building activities require time, effort, and money. But, hear me out! If utilized the correct way, these exercises could skyrocket your company to new heights (and more)!

Now, before you go signing off into doing just any team building exercise, you need to consider a few factors to get the most out of your experience, including what activity will keep your team engaged, how much you’re willing to spend, and how long you want the activity to last. Fortunately, I have the perfect suggestion: Escape Rooms.

Whether you’re familiar with the concept or entirely new to the idea, here’s five reasons why these “escape the rooms” would be the perfect team building activity for your company:

1. They are cost-efficient.

Nobody wants to invest time and money into a gimmick that’s not guaranteed to work (and a fair amount of money at that). Escape rooms won’t break the bank and are relatively affordable compared to other activities like Build-A-Boat, Cook-Offs, and A Minute 2 Win It!

2. They foster critical thinking and problem-solving.

I’ve already stated how much of a mental impact escape rooms can have on people (please refer to my article on How to Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills). Bottom line: they help you think outside the box and devise new strategies for tackling problems/issues.

3. They avoid unfriendly, tense competitions.

Competition in a work environment isn’t necessarily a bad thing (it can actually be a useful tool if applied correctly). The key is to turn the activity into a friendly competition where egos are pushed aside and people are driven by their desire to excel. Naturally, escape rooms do just that – engage participants in a friendly competition to successfully escape the room or accomplish a set goal within a specific amount of time.

4. They allow employees to engage with their coworkers out of the office.

A change of scenery goes a long way into building chemistry with your team. Employees will be able to temporarily escape the rigors of work life and open up to their peers and managers in a fun, carefree environment. Even if you don’t spend the entire day team building, make an effort to communicate with your team and praise them for all their hard work and valuable contributions they’ve made.

5. They are new, fun, and exciting.

Don’t get me wrong – “Happy Hour” is great and all, but you don’t really learn anything and, anyways, it’s nice to switch things up once in a while (you can always drink afterwards). It’s difficult to keep your employees engaged if you continue to do the same thing over and over. One of the best things about escape rooms is that each experience is different each and every time. Multiple themes (and modifications) combined with several locations opens the door to many new, exciting opportunities for company outings.

So, before you disregard the idea of team building within your company, you may want to conduct an internal audit and compile some statistics (annual revenues, turnover rates, etc.) to assess your current state.

The time, effort, and money may be worth it.

Time equals money. Money invested in employees equals engagement. Engagement equals increased production and sales, which in turn equals greater overall success.

And who doesn’t want that for their company?


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