Aug 24, 2017

Top 5 Fictional Characters I’d Love To See Do An Escape Room

The Avengers. The Rebel Alliance. The Fellowship of the Ring; each with their own purpose to improve the world and make it better place. Their strong commitment to their cause is astonishing and it’s no wonder why these groups are regarded as some of the greatest teams of all time.

Top 5 Fictional Characters I’d Love To See Do An Escape Room

Not only do we get the pleasure of seeing our favorite player/character in the middle of all the action, but we get the unique opportunity to see them interact with other noteworthy talented individuals, who bring their own personalities and abilities to the table. What’s awesome about these collaborations is that each person is a valuable member of their respective group and they contribute to the overall greatness of the team. These individuals chose to band together and lend their strength for a greater purpose.

With that in mind, I didn’t want to limit my choices to just characters in movies or video games. There are so many exceptional characters in all types of media that have a special affinity for beating the odds and overcoming various challenges. And what better challenge than a time-sensitive team activity like an escape room?

Here are the characters that I’d like to see work together in an escape game:

1.    Sherlock Holmes

Top 5 Fictional Characters I’d Love To See Do An Escape Room

The master detective is pretty much a staple on this list due to his world-class deduction skills.

Throughout his many adventures, Holmes has been presented with many not-so-clear-cut cases. He has one of the most brilliant minds ever and he’s able to dissect each case down to its smallest detail. His unique way of thinking puts him way ahead of his colleagues and it’s remarkable to see Holmes operate in this element.

Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder how he even reaches his conclusions.

“Elementary, my dear Watson.”

2.    Link

Top 5 Fictional Characters I’d Love To See Do An Escape Room

Anyone who’s ever played a game from The Legend of Zelda series knows that one of the most important parts of the game involves puzzle solving. Over the course of his many adventures, Link has traversed across the lands, exploring dungeons and collecting valuable items in his quest to vanquish the evil that’s threatening to consume Hyrule. Time and time again, Link has proven that he’s fully capable of overcoming many different kinds of trials, no matter how challenging or difficult it seems.

The whole experience of The Legend of Zelda series has been adapted into a real-life adventure in Scrap’s Defenders of the Triforce, which a few lucky fans got the unique chance to experience. In conjunction with the games, players assumed the role of Link and were tasked with solving various puzzles and riddles in order to unlock the Triforce. This live experience says a lot about The Legend of Zelda franchise as a whole explains why Link is a perfect addition to this ultimate room team.

3.    Walter White/Heisenberg

Top 5 Fictional Characters I’d Love To See Do An Escape Room

The cold, calculating persona of chemistry teacher turned drug lord, Walter White, is a meticulous savage, but highly intelligent person.

From the beginning, viewers are introduced to a man of high mental acuity who fully knows the process of synthesizing methamphetamine. Chemistry is a unique science and carrying out reactions requires a precise, meticulous approach (believe me, I know).

As a former researcher, Walter White understood this and carefully executed this sensitive process, fully knowing that he could get caught and sentenced to prison at any time. His transformation into Heisenberg showcased a man that would not leave anything to chance. It’s his strategic planning and ability to act on his feet that would make him a great asset in an escape room scenario.

Either that or he better have some fulminated mercury (Mercury (II) Fulminate) on hand.

4.    Neal Caffrey

Top 5 Fictional Characters I’d Love To See Do An Escape Room

From his carefully executed escape from prison to his well-thought proposition to the FBI, fans of White Collar got an in-depth look at Neal Caffrey: a cunning, suave ex-con on a personal mission to find his girlfriend. Caffrey forms an unlikely partnership with FBI agent, Peter Burke, to commute his prison sentence in exchange for catching other white collar criminals.

What makes Neal a prime teammate for an escape room is his vast knowledge of countless subjects combined with his street smarts. His uncanny ability to adapt under pressure and outsmart an opponent is a testament to Caffrey’s greatness as a communicator and master sleuth.

5.    Batman

Top 5 Fictional Characters I’d Love To See Do An Escape Room

Every fan of the Caped Crusader knows a brilliant mind lies in the back of the surface. Ever since he gained popularity, the Dark Knight has been referred to as the Great Detective, solving many crimes and dispatching criminals left and right.

Batman’s lack of any true superpowers is a testament to his greatness and grounds him as a regular person that people can empathize with. When speaking to Commissioner Gordon in The Dark Knight, Batman says, “It’s not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.” The mask doesn’t define who Batman/Bruce Wayne is; it’s only the platform he uses to carry out his life’s mission and the hope he aims to bring to Gotham.


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