Looking for something new, fun and abstract to do with your friends or family? Are you creative, yet never had a painting class? Then, you are in for a treat! Welcome to our Brainy Actz Splatter painting rooms in .

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Bakersfield, California  

Splatter Painting Rooms

It is not every day that you can just dip your paintbrush and splatter paint onto a canvas and inevitably against a wall. If our kids were to do it in our homes, we would be very upset.

However, we encourage that kind of behavior here at Brainy Actz . And not only do we want your kids to make splatter art, but we want you to join them!

Perfect for Date Nights!

Not all date nights require dressing up to a formal dinner to be romantic. Sometimes you just want to go do something CRAZY and RANDOM! Perhaps instead, dressing into comfortable clothes that you don’t care about and creating a masterpiece of art like Picasso, even if you have never painted a picture a day in your life.

Finally, when you are finished, we will sell you your own picture… Just kidding, you will actually get to take that awesome picture with you for a date night to remember.

A Painting Experience to Remember

Splatter painting is a unique experience that you are certainly not going to forget. From paint going on the canvas and everywhere else, this will be a great time to share with whomever you love to spend time with!

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