Super fun and entertaining! LOVED the ax throwing! John was a hoot! Will definitely go back again!
Emily Poops a lot
00:01 23 Sep 19
We went on The Legacy challenge this time. John (our instructor/guide) did an awesome job at getting us pumped for the escape room. We finished it with 1 minute remaining. Whew. Definitely a thrill specially getting all the pieces together and figuring out the clues...even more so when struggling to do so. I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to go. Family fun (we took our kids). Next on the list is axe throwing.
Mehadi Al
03:36 17 Sep 19
Did the Axe throwing and had a blast! John was super helpful in showing us techniques to get a good stick and even taught us some games once we got the hang of things! And as a bonus it was super stress relieving! Cant wait to go again!
Wendy Rooker
00:21 17 Sep 19
So awesome, had a blast, axe throwing and puzel room are great. Ryan and Christen are great guys
Josh Taylor
00:35 16 Sep 19
Ryan was the best! He helped us a lot with everything and guided us without saying too much.
Fiona McDonald
06:15 13 Sep 19
Ryan was very enthusiastic and helpful and patient it was very challenging
Analysse Swaffar
06:14 13 Sep 19
Ryan was a great host 10/10 would recommend to people who are in this area
Signia MM
02:38 13 Sep 19
I have been 2 of the 3 escape rooms at Brainyactz. Each of them were challenging and engaging. This was my first time at an escape room and the experience that I received was exactly what I was looking for. John was our host and he was very fun and professional. I highly recommend booking an escape room experience with him!
Jeremy Rader
04:24 03 Sep 19
Friendly staff and enjoyable escape room. Great for the whole family.
Michael Rhoades
03:54 03 Sep 19
We had a blast with their escape rooms. They were well thought out, and had clever clues that challenged us. John was our amazing host, and he was very pleasant and attentive to or group. He was happy to answer our questions and encouraged us to work as a team. We would definitely recommend Brainyactz to a friend! Great for friends, families, and work parties.
Lauren Rader
21:58 01 Sep 19
Brainyactz is an amazing place for friends and family fun just a variety of things to do and a great place to explore a unique new way to approach puzzles and live adventure entertainment with people you know or people you don't great for team building and birthday parties
Kevin Miller
20:57 05 Aug 19
My wife and I wanted to do something fun and inexpensive for our anniversary. Movies are fine, but we dont get a chance to interact during the film, and once we get home its back in the routine of parenting and home life. Enter Succulent Plant Workshop. I forget the name of the instructor but she was absolutely awesome. She kept us entertained/engaged and didnt talk down to anyone. The room was not too serious while still focused on the task of learning about/building our succulent habitat. We had multiple groups there (another couple, a group that had family from Washington visiting, and a group that had people from Hawaii). All in all it was pretty diverse and everyone appeared to have a good time. The event took a little over an hour (not quite and hour and a half but we also had 12 total people which I think helped speed the process). We were allowed 2 plants (one of mine split in half when I was removing dirt from the roots), and if you want to buy more we could! At the end of the event we all left with our creations, and truth be told I am a bit proud of mine. We definitely plan on going back. Both for some of the nerf events with our kids as well as keeping an eye on the other events that we can do as a couple (looking at you wine bottle thingy).
Ryan Doster
01:47 05 Aug 19
Had a great time w arrow tag. Note: need different flooring though. The flooring tore us up. Like sliding across sandpaper. If you go to arrow tag, take my advice: wear jeans, sweats, something to cover the knees.
Edy Eddins
23:03 27 Jul 19
Who knew shooting your kids would be so much fun?The nurf guns were great fun but they did jamb frequently. Hazards of modern warfare. The bow and arrows would have been fun except my wife hit me in the head in the first minute and I was out. It was the sinister laugh....
Frank Dolan
21:52 24 Jul 19
My kiddos and their friends had a nerf battle here. We didn't do the escape room, but they had loads of fun! Definitely something we would do again!
Paula Bracken
02:26 14 Jun 19
Kevin (director of sales) was AMAZING! So friendly i felt like i was talking to a friend ive known for years! I will continuously go here because of him! Thank you Kevin!
23:40 27 May 19
It was so much fun had a great Time will go again
xander jorgensen
05:19 27 May 19
Loved it!! So much fun! Can't wait to do it again!! Staff was super helpful and made it a great experience!
Michele Galloway
03:19 21 May 19
So fun
Kylie M
21:06 11 May 19
Did Archery tag here with friends, Peyton was an awesome host. Will come back for the escape rooms.
Dale McDonald
18:36 10 May 19
Fun for the family, but probably better for older children (13 +). Just because they are challenging. Puzzles didn't exactly match the theme of the room, but still fun.
Beaudie Stroebel
18:00 09 May 19
I just finished my second room here. Payton was an awesome game master!! She made the experience twice as fun! The room was challenging enough to be fun but not stressful. Great clues, great story. Phenomenal job, brainy acts. You have every other escape room in town beat by a landslide. Can'r wait to come back!!!
Callie Savage
05:34 21 Apr 19
Nerf wars was a blast
Deidre Pagni
03:02 15 Apr 19
Payton was nice 👍🏿
Matthew Kimber
05:24 13 Apr 19
It was a really fun place to go to with friends! Bethany was very friendly and made the experience more fun!
Pompom McD
22:26 05 Apr 19
Bethany was super funny and dope
Diana Vigue
22:23 05 Apr 19
Bethany, was a great host. Secondly, I had a blast because of the escape room. So, gracias.
Fun Comunest
22:21 05 Apr 19
Super fun experience! We were the last group of the day and the staff was still very energetic and friendly. Definitely recommended for a group of friends 😉 would love to go again.
Sky Lee
21:06 02 Apr 19
JTK #Legendary
23:07 26 Mar 19
I went for my 13th birthday and i had a lot of fun. When walking into it i had very low expectations but when we started the room it had become very thrilling.
Coco Cutie
16:26 24 Mar 19
Payton was an amazing host! We had a great time in both the escape room and the succulent planting class.
Shayla Holmes
04:36 23 Mar 19
Payton Douglas is so nice and sweet
Tracy Douglas
04:58 16 Mar 19
We went with 10 people and had a blast. We definitely recommend it.
Bryan Neff
01:40 15 Mar 19
Mayte Tijerina
21:52 11 Mar 19
My daughter and I loved the workshop. There was a great selection of trinkets. Our teacher played bingo with us so we could earn trinkets for our succulent gardens. It was a day well spent.
Maureen Price
02:20 11 Mar 19
Rachel is super fun to work with doing our succulent gardens.
Jennifer Renfro
22:36 24 Feb 19
This place is awesome. Nerf wars or escape rooms. So much fun.
Desirae Trube
06:20 18 Feb 19
Just completed the Master Room with a large group at Brainy Actz. We had a pretty good time as a group. The staff was helpful. However, cannot give it five stars because one important prop was missing from the room as it was either not put back or not setup correctly. Other than that still fun. We used the groupon and that definitely made the price more reasonable.
Jarrod Reed
06:08 16 Feb 19
I have been to Brainy Actz twice and I plan to go back. My first trip was to do an escape room with my family. The escape room was a fun experience. All the parts seemed to work as they were designed. My son had his birthday party at Brainy Actz as well. He and 9 friends did the Nerf war. They were hard to get a hold of on the phone to get all of this set up, but once I did reach them, they had great customer service and even gave us a discount on the party room. The Nerf war was fun but the teens experienced a lot of guns jamming or not working properly. The effects during the game are really cool and definitely add to the experience.
Melissa Foster
22:52 07 Feb 19
My friends and I frequent a lot of escape rooms. We did The Legacy room, hosted by Taylor and assisted by a mystery guy that we didn't catch his name. They were both enthusiastic and quick to help whenever we needed a clue. I found the puzzles to be fairly few, but a bit more difficult. Which I found interesting. While we didn't escape The Legacy within the required time, because they had no one follow us, they allowed us to stay and finish out the game anyway which was entirely cool of them to do and not typical. Game and service A++!
Megan Ryan
00:32 20 Jan 19
We had so much fun here and Taylor was a fantastic host! Definitely coming back.
Jeff Green
04:04 15 Jan 19
So amazing! Had the best time with my girls. One suggestion tho...a star rating system to say how hard a room is.
Ashley Palmer
06:54 12 Jan 19
Tayler was the best! We had a blast!! Just hard enough without it being impossible! -Liz Fisher
Elizabeth Fisher
00:47 11 Jan 19
I went in with my office for our Christmas present and had such a blast. We arrived and introduced by our friendly host, Tayler , and she walked us through the whole procedure and communicated with us while inside to give us clues when asked. I'm embarassed to say that we asked more than once for a clue haha. It was a great experience overall!
Marisol Lopez
05:33 08 Jan 19
Can't wait to go back!!!!
Michelle Bay
23:59 29 Dec 18
So much fun!
Kelly Russell
21:33 28 Dec 18
Super fun! Good Job Tayler! Archery Tag is lit.
Paul Truong
22:28 23 Dec 18
Such a fun place to get together with friends or break the ice with strangers. This place is so creative. The rooms are just the right amount of challenging and if you get lost at any point, the staff is super helpful. All the staff was very friendly and we especially loved Payton and Rachel!
Between the Realms Podcast
05:16 19 Dec 18
Just an amazing place to hang with friends! So kind and friendly! That chick Payton was da bomb! Oh so kind and wonderful!
Daniela Sandoval
05:14 19 Dec 18
Our host was Payton and she was amazing! She did such a good job and was very helpful. The room we did was very well put together and so much fun, it was challenging and suspenseful. Thank you for a great experience!
Julie Brown
05:13 19 Dec 18
I loved this place! That staff was so full of life and made my experience so enjoyable. If you ever come by, you are guaranteed a great time!
Madison Vialpando
05:12 19 Dec 18
Payton was our host and was fantastic!! The whole experience was super fun and she made the escape room so much better! I’d recommend Brainyactz and Payton as a host!
Anisha Chedi
01:34 17 Dec 18
Payton was our host and she was so cool and nice! The room was really challenging, but gave us all the right validation we needed to make us feel smart. Awesome experience.
Nikki McGrath
01:32 17 Dec 18
Payton was a great host!
Darian Segura
01:32 17 Dec 18
Had alot of fun. Great place to see how your friends think.
seth jones
00:01 16 Dec 18
Very fun. Challenging and keeps you interested. Would definitely go back!
Stephanie Price
03:03 14 Dec 18
I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!!Talon was our host, and he was amazing!!! Taylor was our chauffeur, and she was also very amazing!Overall we had the best time ever, Talon was kind enough to get our names and place us in groups. We had a large party. I was also able to convince them, with our host's help, to all yell girl power!! Like I said, "I had blast"Oh and the bathrooms are very clean.
gayle goodson
17:49 12 Dec 18
@Payton20. Thanks for the great time. Had a blast doing Archery Tag.
Mike Torbitt
04:56 30 Nov 18
Archery Tag was a blast, Payton our host was awesome!
Aaron Kurowsky
04:54 30 Nov 18
It was fun and the staff are respectful and nice
Harley Edwards
21:48 26 Nov 18
Super fun experience, made even better by our amazing host Tayler!
Kaylin Aytes
06:00 25 Nov 18
Good value and loads of fun
Mark n Maria Villalobos
20:55 23 Nov 18
Taylor was awesome! We had a great time and escaped!
06:14 22 Nov 18
Great time! Payton was awesome!
Rendle Taylor
02:56 21 Nov 18
Awesome experience. We went with three generations as a family outing and every age was able to participate and have a great time. Ages 8-68 and we had a blast! Thanks!
Kristin Havelka
05:08 16 Nov 18
Lot of fun! Thank you Payton!
Debi Kincaid
05:19 11 Nov 18
Fun deficit but left with 20 mins left
Kaylie Greenspan
02:52 11 Nov 18
This place is a blast! Payton was very helpful and made us feel welcome no matter how stupid we felt about ourselves.
Brannan Smith Jr
16:06 10 Nov 18
This was such a fun night. Creative and challenging with wonderful staff
Sandra Smith
06:56 10 Nov 18
Payton was great! Made the experience so fun. She not only out in whatever music my group of friends wanted, but she also made the nerf shooting and the escape room so much fun! 10/10 would recommend give that girl a raise!
Adrian Rodriguez
21:09 09 Nov 18
Very fun place!
Jeff M. Young
05:33 09 Nov 18
We had a wonderful experience here. We have done several rooms around Reno/Sparks. We did have a malfunction in our escape room, however Kevin our host was very quick to offer a replacement room and had the solution to the problem immediately It was an excellent experience. We will return for more.
kay owen
16:47 07 Nov 18
Me and some friends went here and had a great time! This was my first escape room, and we choose the hardest one, but it was still fun. Taylor was amazing and made everything so fun!
Hopeful drawing
01:38 31 Oct 18
Had a great time playing nerf wars and doing The Mona Lisa breakout room. Huge shoutout to our amazing guide, Taylor! She spent 2 hours with us, and not with her poptart. 😂 She was AWESOME
Tanner Aldrich
03:32 30 Oct 18
I attended a corporate event for IGT here recently and had such a great experience. I did the Succulent Workshop as well as the Arrow Tag. Jasmine, the succulent instructor, was super informative and answered all my succulent care instructions. I cannot remember the Arrow Tag instructors name, but he kept us pumped in the game and was very fun. I didn't know what to expect, but it was a blast. If you're looking for a place for a corporate event or team building, I highly recommend Brainy Actz.
kristine palmer
20:34 29 Oct 18
This was a fun and exciting experience!! There was 8 of us we all had a fabulous time!!
brandy delaney
03:14 21 Oct 18
So fun!
Julie Gibbs
18:26 09 Oct 18
My husband and I booked a birthday party there for our daughters turning 19, and 15. Kevin and his staff were such a great help planning and setting up the party room. The party room was so convenient. It was clean and plenty big for all our guests. We did Secrets of the Master, and everyone had a blast, it was a great bonding experience. Nerf wars was great fun too. My whole family and all our friends had the best time. I highly recommend this place for a party for any age.
April Finch
15:00 30 Sep 18
We had a birthday party there for both of our daughters. Kevin was our host, and he was awesome. We did Secrets of the Master, and finished with about 12 minutes left. After the escape we did nerf tag where you can use a bow and arrow, or nerf gun and hide behind moveable barriers. It was such a great time for everyone who came, and for all ages. I definitely recomend this place for a birthday, or just a place to go and have fun. Kevin and his staff are very helpful, and they love thier job. Awesome family fun.
Mark Finch
14:47 30 Sep 18
Fun experience and friendly staff
Rachel Rocks
02:37 30 Sep 18
Great fun. It was challenging for the entire crew. Most amazing thing was it got my gamers off the internet!! Will go again to play another room.
Craig Mayo
02:36 28 Sep 18
My son's 21rst birthday was being locked up in the brainy actz room for an hour with the family. I really wasn't sure what to expect, but turned out to be fantastic. OMG such an awesome experience. Kevin, our director, was great. I would recommend this to everyone. You will be amazed.
Cindy Leonard
20:06 23 Sep 18
So much fun!
Marisa Rice
02:41 23 Sep 18
It was a great time with my wife. It was challenging to figure everything out within the hour time limit. The man on the job Kevin was very friendly and explained everything very well. I definitely recommend this place to go have a great time.
The Azevedo Family
03:59 16 Sep 18
We had my daughters 11th birthday here last night and they were fantastic! Kevin was awesome with the kids and really took care of their questions and concerns as it was most of their first times in an escape room and a few of the kiddos were a little nervous. The party room gave a great location for the parents to wait, open presents and do birthday cake! The only thing I wish was slightly different was that you booked directly with the staff in Reno. I booked with someone named Josh in California and I was a little concerned that what I had discussed (party planning stuff) would be communicated to the Reno staff. It ended up working out fine and Kevin was great.
Laura Cambra
21:34 08 Sep 18
Lots of fun games for kids or even teens
Rob shawn
12:45 21 Aug 18
Great fun.
John Johnson
03:01 09 Aug 18
Wow, these are fun and challenging. Good first date stuff! Or second... Or third...
Anthony De Nigro
04:42 07 Aug 18
We did secrets of the master. It was a fun experience for my whole family. We went about a min over the 1 hour time limit and had like 6 clues but overall it was fun. A few of the clues we did not need but we asked because we did not notice anything after we did the next step. I can not give it away but it was awesome. The story line was cool. I wish you the best of luck at this room. We had a blast.
Patrick Derry
02:05 30 Jul 18
We had family in from Southern California and wanted to do something fun with the kids! We did the "Secrets of the Master" room and our party of 9 was able to get out with 13:53 to spare! We had a blast!
Diana Nakatani
02:46 09 Jul 18
Hands down this is the best escape room in the Reno/ Sparks area. My family had a blast and we will definitely be back to do more rooms and check out arrow tag. We absolutely loved our host Jasmine she was very friendly. I would definitely recommend Brainy Actz Escape Room
Michelle Winters
05:41 13 Jun 18
This was so much fun! The price was reasonable, the staff very courteous and helpful, and the adventure was a little tough even for a puzzle- master like me!
April McLeod
01:25 02 Jun 18
Nord Herup
18:57 07 May 18
I loved brainy actz!! It’s was a super AWESOME experience thanks to Kaileen she was an amazing host! She gave us great clues and we finished our room with 15 minutes left. I will definitely be going back to this place to finish all the other rooms and arrow tag ☺️ I can’t wait till the next time I come back!
McKenna LeClair
06:18 03 May 18
Great experience and host was friendly
Pedro Calderon
09:10 16 Apr 18
Really techy and challenging! Loads of fun!
Andrew Ebenezer
19:33 05 Apr 18
Just a really cool time.
Benjamin Spence
14:15 26 Mar 18
This place was so much fun and I'm super excited to go back and try the other rooms! The people who worked were really enthusiastic and helpful and made it an overall great experience!
Peytin Switzer
01:43 23 Mar 18
So much fun!!!!
Devin Switzer
21:37 22 Mar 18
This place was super fun and I can't wait to go back and do the other rooms! And the people working there are super friendly and nice!
Tristin Switzer
06:25 22 Mar 18
Creative room experience and a great host.
Allison Olmstead
06:12 20 Mar 18
My friends and I did the Legends room and had an awesome time. Everyone who worked there was enthusiastic, extremely helpful, and accommodating. It was our first time doing an escape room and I couldn't have asked for a better time. Only regret is we were in the area too early for Archery Tag!Will definitely return to this location or visit another one of their locations again.
Taijiro Laren
15:34 15 Mar 18
Super fun and the hosts were really kind and knowledgeable about their company. They waited for the rest of our party to arrive even though it was passed our assigned start time.
Kelly Allard
03:48 14 Mar 18
Man I loved this place. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly, the room was difficult yet still able to be done, and the way they run the place was really cool. By far one of the coolest spots in Reno. I recommend to anyone trying to do something new and habe a fun time. Friendly for all ages.
18:56 02 Mar 18
My first time here was awesome! Super worth it. Great staff and great service. Fun with your friends and puts your mind to work for sure! Definitely going to go again.
Austin Martinez
18:53 02 Mar 18
This place was super cool! I did the Legacy room which is the hardest difficulty, and it was pretty tough, but still solvable especially with a couple hints haha. They've got a fiendly staff that knows what they're talking about and provide a great experience. I recommend anyone to come from family's to friends. Great for all ages!
Jorden Boardrow
18:00 02 Mar 18
This place was really cool. I enjoyed the fun puzzles and awesome technology. We came here with my family and everyone including my grandmother really enjoyed it. They are challenging but not too difficult. Check this place out if you are a looking for something fun to do!
tiffany skips
02:48 28 Feb 18
Kids had fun in Santa's Cabin. Nice staff. Though Google takes us to 5401 instead of 5301.
Ganesan Rajaraman
04:02 19 Feb 18
It was lots of fun
Michelle Davenport
00:21 05 Feb 18
The escape rooms are really creative and fun. We barely made it out in time!
Jazzi Pratt
23:38 01 Feb 18
This place was amazing! Our group did the Santa room and it was so decked out and the puzzles and clues were so creative. Vincent was a great host. I can’t wait to go again soon!
Amanda Gordon
08:19 28 Jan 18
Loved doing our second room here! Everyone is friendly and helpful! Vincent is always our favorite host and we can’t wait to come back in a few weeks to do this for a friend’s birthday! Always impressed with the technology, and will continue to come back as the rooms update! Got through the Santa Room with 12 minutes to spare!
Darby Phee
07:28 28 Jan 18
We did the Christmas room and it was so fun and festive! It was engaging and the staff was amazing!! Thank you Vince for helping us become Santa! 🎄
Sarah Meckes
07:28 28 Jan 18
Viddy¢ is the man! This was so much fun and my group will be back very soon! Best escape rooms in town.
07:27 28 Jan 18
Super fun group activity
Tiffany Lewis
03:30 28 Jan 18
Great place, great crew. Great job with the decorations and themes!
Jordan James
02:55 26 Jan 18
The room was really well designed and exceeded expectations! Coming from a newbie I highly recommend.
Austin Zell
02:55 26 Jan 18
This is the best escape room in reno. We did the Legend room and every clue was fun to discover, they had State of the art communications, no walkie talkies, clues announced when they opened. You’ll love it!
Erik Riekenberg
21:02 20 Jan 18
We checked out this escape room while on a business trip to Reno. I have done a few escape rooms back home and up in Oregon and the two we did here (The Legacy and The Secrets of The Master) were ridiculously fun and challenging. My business partner and I escaped the first room with about four minutes left on the clock! It was intriguing, challenging, and the background ambiance of the room made the experience an absolute thrill!The next room we did was with our new business partners. The best part is this was our first time meeting in person! We escaped with two minutes left on the clock. Needless to say we feel that the four of us are going to work well together in our new endeavor!The best part about the escape rooms we did was that they are big and spacious! I don't want to give anything away but if you are used to tiny escape rooms and wish they were bigger then you need to go to Brainy Actz Escape Rooms!!!
Dewey Bushaw
05:48 20 Jan 18

Brainy Actz Escape Rooms Reno

If you are looking to find an exciting escape room challenge nearby Reno, then experiencing one of Brainy Actz Escape Rooms Reno is the ideal team building activity or event venue. They are real-life puzzle room adventure that puts you in a room for 60 minutes, with up to 10 people. The goal is to try to solve different objectives and puzzles so you and your team can ultimately exit the room before the clock runs out.

Reno Escape Rooms For Adults & Kids

Brainy Actz Escape Rooms for Kids and AdultsWhat makes our Reno escape room adventures unique is the fact that we tailor to both adults and kids. The escape games we have created are made to test your teamworking abilities, problem-solving skills, and intellect to push your brains to the limit.

Our escape games’ level of difficulty is designed to challenge even the most intelligent and resourceful Adults. However, when kids are doing the room with no adults present, then one of our staff members will go in with them and guide them through the room escape.

You, your friends, and family will have plenty of choices for your next exit game adventure, which we are sure will be the time of your lives finding clues and solving mysteries. We are confident that you will want to keep coming back to take on the next Brainy Actz Escape Rooms Reno challenge.

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We pride ourselves on creating the most interactive, engaging, and best escape room experiences for our customers. The technology that we have in our puzzle rooms is unlike any other escape room company in Reno. We strive to provide a wide selection of puzzle rooms for you to choose from. This enables you to have a new experience each time you come back.  Bring your kids and/or friends to have more people solving the same puzzle. Our mystery rooms are also a perfect venue to host corporate events and birthday parties. Click below to schedule an event:

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Succulents Plant Workshops

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Decorated Lighted Wine Bottle Workshop

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Archery Arrow Tag

If you can dodge a ball you can dodge an arrow!

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Axe Throwing Experience

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DIY Bathbomb & Sugar Scrub Class

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Brainy Actz Escape Rooms is a real-life puzzle adventure that puts you and your friends in a locked room with 60 minutes to accomplish your goal! Whether you are escaping the clutches of a cursed pirate or searching the jungles of Africa for an ancient treasure, you will have to work together and use the clues at your disposal to claim victory!

We invite you to bring your kids, family, friends, co-workers, and significant others to our Brainy Actz Escape Rooms.

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