My husband and I went for the first time and did the cabin. It was a really fun experience and we had 15 mins to spare! Highly recommend going for some time to unplug and an immersive experience
Veronica Driscoll
19:55 23 May 20
I proposed to my wife here. Sounds tacky but it where we met. SHE SAID YES!!! This was about a year ago and we go back every now and again. Great family fun! We will be signing our divorce papers next week their.
Tony Lanata
19:02 22 Feb 20
Had such an incredible time here for my sister’s 40th Birthday!! Our host, Bryce, really made it super fun and helped us stay safe. When we got winded after only 20 minutes of archery tag he suggested we could try some other activities since we had an hour booked. I have been to bigger places for ax throwing but never quality & variety like this! I really wanted something special and fun for my sister and this did not disappoint 🙂
Jillian Dolan
19:04 29 Jan 20
Clean Money
01:15 25 Jan 20
It was a blast playing Archery Tag! It's too bad that some of the equipment was broken, but it's totally understandable given how much abuse that room must take on any given day.
Keith Avery
03:26 18 Jan 20
Fun escape room. Will definitely be back.
Erica Padilla
18:11 25 Dec 19
The 4 kids enjoyed it . I forget the instructors name that worked December 16,19 around 530pm .but he was awesome! I had two lil kids that weren't strong enough to reload the nerfs after each shot . He pulled the thing back each time for then lol . He developed a system that worked for the 3 of them . My older two kids definitely dominated . Fun experience
Natasha Carr
03:39 17 Dec 19
Spent a wonderful evening with family. The room was right amount of fun, challenges and surprises.Perfect for all ages!!
Ashish Dharnidharka
14:38 14 Nov 19
Fun Nerf war and escape rooms
philippe clemente
20:08 09 Oct 19
This location is very new but so much fun!We came here for my husband's birthday party and chose to just do the axe throwing. So, here's the biggest drawback; the venue is small. There's not a lot of room to wiggle around or, if you try the Nerf game, to hide or run. That being said, everything is great quality. While there were only 2 lanes for the axes, they are in good repair and - yes - stupid sharp.Our hostess was sweet and gregarious. She was a delight to chat with.I do absolutely suggest this place, just perhaps for smaller parties.
April K. Brophy
11:45 05 Oct 19
Lots of fun for groups!
Shelby Turner
05:36 05 Oct 19
We had a large group visit Brainy Actz yesterday and we had a blast. Our group did two escape rooms, NERF battle, and archery tag, and all enjoyed what they did. The staff was helpful and really went out of their way to make our group event a success! Looking forward to going back!
Lori Baker
17:42 30 Aug 19
My friend found a deal on Groupon for dodgeball archery. We had such a great time! It's been a few weeks but the night is even still occasionally referenced. I highly recommend it.
Landon Perry
21:54 21 Aug 19
We enjoy playing with Nerf guns at Brainy Actz escape room this establishment has so many games to play with like Sorry, Uno, Jenga, etc. Super fun for kids as well adults.Our Hostess was amazing Maria is super friendly, professional and helped us with any questions we had. Very successful birthday party Convenient that Pizza Hut is just walking distance away they do allow you to bring food and drinks inside.
Celestina Aguirre
01:57 19 Aug 19
Staff is very friendly, have to really look for it due to no visible signs. Had a lot of fun.
Ron Havlovic
12:48 27 Jul 19
Escape Room are always a hit but this place also has arrow tag. The obstacles you can hide behind were a bit on the bigger side and the mask/eye protection had poor visibility. A group of 6 adults would work best for the size of the arena. Bring gloves if you think you will get a blister in your fingers as they do but t let you use any.
Will Wallstrom
21:03 04 Jul 19
Fun timee
melissa hunter
13:23 03 Jul 19
We had a lot of fun! The girl running it was really nice. My only suggestion would be that for the room we did you couldn't really tell you were done.
Tessa Thompson
05:22 29 Jun 19
John Wheeldon
20:12 24 Jun 19
This is a GEM. We found them on Groupons, however, this is worth every penny if the full price. We were given a personal host who helped our family with archery dodgeball. He even played with them!They let us looked around all that they have to offer, and the escape rooms are amazing. A great find!
Heather E
22:13 22 Jun 19
We have had so many NERF wars at home between me and the 2 older boys, so we had tempered our expectations... having said that we, the whole family with Mom included, had a great time! Lots of running, gunning, smoke and lights! The winner gets a fun surprise! Super recommended for an hour of good times! The Groupon made it SUPER affordable and Ayanna was great!
Robert T
21:38 19 Jun 19
Made succulent pots... cute & fun
Shanna Warren
21:11 03 Jun 19
Small place and not very busy.
Dr. Arne Ryan
02:21 15 May 19
Awesome! Nerf gun fight was amazing
mona yanez
22:37 06 Apr 19
Fun family place and the staff is so friendly and welcoming. Defiantly go again
Tara Leather
00:23 16 Mar 19
We had so much fun we went back for a second and a third round of fun.
Jeri M
17:02 15 Mar 19
My kids and I came in for nerf wars . My kids brought their own guns ... Upon seeing what BrainyActz had my kids decided BrainyActz guns were better than what they had brought .My kids and I had a blast . I only had a few issues . #1 there is no sign on the building so it was hard to know if we were in the right spot .#2 the goggles they have us wear fog up way too much because there is no way for air to circulate in the goggles to keep them clear.#3 The Nerf field is kinda small . To me these are minor details that can be changed or fixed over time . As I said my kids and I had a blast . Good guns fun atmosphere. Two 12 yr olds one five yr old and a 37 yr old had a blast . Thank you BrainyActz.
David Ballard
23:32 13 Mar 19
Place is awesome . Mickey was such an amazing host.
420 wacko
01:22 28 Feb 19
Great time
Anissa Bark
16:55 17 Feb 19
Very creative use of sensors and the escape room was so well thought out. Also a cool place in general, Brainy Actz is fun for the whole family!
Dustin Charamut
04:35 14 Feb 19
A ton of fun, great hour long evening. Will wear you out! The archery is awesome. Get a group of friends and play, it is worth the money. Building is a bit hard to find, tucked in the middle of the complex, but well worth going. Friendly staff also!
zachary Heckman
14:25 28 Jan 19
Fun location. Did the laser room and liked it.
Kolby Granville
01:42 27 Jan 19
The most fun I have ever had!! Coming back ASAP!!!
Daniel Gonzalez
18:44 25 Jan 19
Josh was very polite and made they night fun. He took us around and showed us all the different games they had. I would come back again. Thank you for a fun evening.
Jeremy Sang
05:24 20 Jan 19
This was so fun today!! I played tag with the bow and arrows. I recommend this to anybody that wants to have a great time. Melissa and Mickey were the best hosts. I will be back next to try the escape room next.
Flyyinhigh !!!!!
01:51 20 Jan 19
We had a great time and the staff were amazing!
Lakeisha Davis
10:13 19 Jan 19
Heart pumping!!!! Loads of fun!
Shanesha Davis
04:07 19 Jan 19
This was so much fun! Friendly and helpful staff. We will definitely go again!!!
adventure squad 73
06:21 13 Jan 19
Great escape room! Will bring my family.
Teac Fry
01:13 18 Dec 18
What a blast! Melissa the host was amazing. This place has so much to offer. Its perfect for a fun family night out, bday party or a corporate event. We plan on returning in two weeks with a bunch of rowdy boys! Thank you for a great night!
20:04 03 Nov 18
So fun! We brought a group of ten people to play Archery Dodgeball and Josh handled the group like a champ! Everyone had a blast! I would definitely recommend! It’s kinda hard to find Suite 103 so drive around a bit until you find it. Some of the features in the archery dodgeball arena weren’t working which was a shame but it was still fun!
Nate Owens
16:59 02 Nov 18
A lot of fun. Great for a family our as a team builder. Melanie was awesome.
Stormy Skies
02:47 19 Oct 18
Played two rooms and had an arrow war! My childhood imagination had come to life! So much fun and management was really friendly and accommodating! I need a rematch!
Joshua Doty
01:53 02 Oct 18
Excellent management, fun rooms, and a Nerf battle zone! Overall great experience!!
Dustin Schodt
04:09 01 Oct 18
Amazing staff with great energy. The rooms are very well put together, well thought-out with a lot of automatic features and engaging decor. Can’t wait to go again!
Tanya A
06:53 08 Sep 18
Have participated in 6 escape rooms and this was by far the best. Really enjoyed the interactions with the host and the cool props inside the room. We participated in the lost point lodge experience. I won’t ruin it but let’s just say it has to deal with big foot and is really cool. Check this place out if you are into escape rooms!
Daniel Larke
17:05 01 Sep 18
This was my first time ever doing an escape room, and I had an amazing time! I did the Secrets of the Master room with four other people and while it was hard, we beat the room. The staff was fun and friendly and helpful. They are brand new, so definitely come and check them out!
Diane Shreve
04:23 01 Sep 18
My first time here, everything clean, the staff is very welcoming and friendly. 10/10 would recommend. Muy bueno 👍🏻
Javier Sandoval GarcĂ­a
03:08 01 Sep 18
Cool place, had a lot of fun. Staff were very skilled
Max Tortellini
05:16 30 Aug 18
Had a great time and the staff were really cool. Tons of fun for parties or just a night out with friends!
Daniel Damian
04:33 30 Aug 18
Had a great time here really enjoyed going through the rooms .... Team Cabin in the Woods !!!
16:38 29 Aug 18
I’ve never been to an escape room before, so it was very fun and exciting. After finishing the first room I had to do the next one. The staff were very friendly and helpful, I’m definitely going back again!
Jenny B
16:11 29 Aug 18
Really fun and challenging rooms😁 Team Cabin in the Woods!
Fascinate Productions
14:42 29 Aug 18
Had a lot of fun doing the legacy and the lost lodge escape rooms. Would definitely go back again. Tom was a great moderator and was super friendly with us. #TeamTheBookDidntFall
Bradley Bursell
06:56 29 Aug 18
Had so much fun doing the Legacy and The Lost Lodge. The rooms were so cool, it was a great place to do my first escape room. Tom was also so cool and a great moderator. Totally recommend. #TeamTheBookDidntFall
Evelyn M
06:43 29 Aug 18
I did both Legacy and The Lost Lodge with some friends and had a great time! The rooms are really creative and well-thought-out. Tom was an awesome host and the rest of the staff was friendly and inviting as well!
Anna Michela
04:14 29 Aug 18
I had a great time! They have awesome escape rooms & amazing staff! Melanie was an incredible host and the room was exciting and the light shows were cool!
Ebony Magee
01:28 25 Aug 18

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