A few members of our office staff came in and did this on a Saturday evening. There were seven of us in the room for the Mystery at the Lost Point Lodge. It was a challenging escape room, but with one good clue from Zel, our wonderful host, we were able to figure the rest out entirely by ourselves in just under the allotted time. It was a fun experience we'd do again. And a thumbs up to Zel for always letting us know if he was stepping away for a minute to assist a new group, and for his willingness to take a few photos for us at the end. He was a great host.
Sandy O'Grady
19:46 09 May 22
Great service from the start to the end, the people were so friendly, price wasn’t too bad at 330 for both the escape room and the rage room. Split between 4 people and you get quite a good time for a long time. Definitely worth it 10/10 recommended.
Colby Milligan
03:56 14 Apr 22
It was so freaking fun!! They let you connect your own music and jam out while splattering paint everywhere! My neice, who is really into art, and I had a blast! I was a little disappointed that the paint we used wasn’t glow in the dark paint, since it was a glow in the dark paint experience, cause I feel that would have made it more epic! Regardless, it was still tons of fun and my neice told me it was the most fun she has ever had! Thank you Brainy Actz for providing such a fun and memorable night! ❤️
More than Breakfast at Tiffani’s
16:56 09 Apr 22
Best date night ever! The rage room was the funnest experience yet! We were able to bring in so many items to smash! The staff was amazing and the music was great! We can’t wait to come back!
cassandra brunner
03:02 08 Apr 22
Aura was the best!! She was so nice, friendly, and very helpful! The Escape Room was freaking awesome! My family would definitely recommend it!!! Also did the rage room, wouldn't recommend it. I mean it was ok, but you only get to break glass and I know other rage rooms break more than glass. Again, YES on the escape room and AURA gets ***** 🤩!!!!
Tammy Ray
03:38 05 Apr 22
Fun for the whole family. Nice staff and fun room.
Emily Countryman
21:39 01 Apr 22
This was SO much fun. Great gift from my dad, who bought me a Groupon for Christmas. It was just 2 of us and it was a perfect date night. I imagine more than 4 people could be more challenging - we were able to keep each other on track.The girl at the front desk was awesome.. helpful - but not overly so. We can't wait to go back!
shan jensen
02:55 30 Mar 22
I had my little niece in town and was looking for something to do and this was perfect. We did the splatter painting session and an escape room. She’s 12 years old and had a blast!
Keri Mahoney
14:54 28 Mar 22
There was a mix up with using groupon.However, Anessa provided us with great customer service , she had a great smile very patient and very helpful. With her help and the other two girls working on 3-15 along with the help of Zack, on the phone we were able to get things straightened out.They made it a great night for the girls celebration.
brenda ordanza
02:55 16 Mar 22
The Lodge threw us for a loop a few times, but a fun experience for sure. They have multiple escape rooms, but also axe throwing, a rage room, splatter paint and much more. Check them out!
Rob Duve
13:37 05 Mar 22
We had a blast! They have speakers in the room so you can play your own music.. I thought that was great. It was fun to be a kid again and just let loose and throw paint at walls, the canvas and at each other! I wish the canvas was bigger size but other than that it was a great, new experience!
Rachel Suarez
22:34 25 Feb 22
My wife and I decided to share our first escape room adventure on Valentine's day at Brainy Actz, and it was an outstanding decision. We chose the Legacy room, and were impressed by the experience. The puzzles, and clues, were very well manufactured, and had just the right level of complexity. The staff who helped us were extremely friendly, and made sure to check in on us to see if we needed any clues.I highly recommend Brainy Actz, and am excited to try the other rooms.
Jimothy Leary
05:16 15 Feb 22
Got our paint on they have options for panchos and booties if you want them, the glow in the dark was super fun and of course it can get messy.
Arise & Shine
04:47 29 Jan 22
My husband brought me here on a surprise date and we literally had so much fun! It was definitely the right place to be able to let out some energy in a cool and inexpensive way. The staff was pretty cool too, they got a kick out of the big kids me and my husband became once we entered one of the rooms 😂 I would definitely recommend you stop in even if it’s just to check out some of the paintings people left behind!
Sierra Collins
09:52 27 Jan 22
We had a great time! The staff was very attentive and helpful.
Mary Lindell
06:12 25 Jan 22
Had such a fun time!! Alexis was so helpful and patient with my group. Definitely worth going!!
Victoria Ramos
05:35 24 Jan 22
Had a 13th birthday party there. Staff was kind and helpful. The escape room (Mystery Lodge)was exciting! The surprise at the end was thrilling!
Kiki S
01:34 18 Jan 22
Great experience.
Tamika M
21:52 16 Jan 22
Had a great time, chose the hardest escape room my first time out and it was hard. The staff are great, very welcoming. They also have other activities to check out, I will be back for sure.
robert Bolar
02:01 16 Jan 22
Alexis, who was our host, was absolutely lovely and I’d love to come back 🙂
Aria Robinson
16:34 04 Jan 22
This was a really wonderful experience as it was my first time being at a multipurpose building full of rooms for rage and escape, archery, axe throwing as well as painting. For my first time, I brought a friend with me and we both really enjoyed the rage room and axe throwing section. Would like to go to BrainyActz again. Maybe try out the other entertainment areas.
Taylor Menne
09:39 26 Dec 21
Our family was celebrating our son's 30th birthday. He has 4 older sisters, and they have children. His girlfriend chose Brainy Actz Escape Room because the adults & children were able to participate. It was a lot of fun!!
Andrea Simpson
19:54 21 Dec 21
We did the Nerf War experience for my sons 30th birthday. Willow was a great host for the party . All 14 party members enjoyed their time. The only complaint is that the Men's restroom needed care. Broken handle on the toilet and area cleaning was necessary. Otherwise a fun experience and I would return.
Winn High
09:37 18 Dec 21
So much fun. Our host lady was super nice
Melissa Riley
06:03 16 Dec 21
Quick, simple, easy to get right in and play. I have been here multiple times and has been a blast every time
nathan Feldman
00:19 30 Nov 21
The games were fun, the escape room itself was a blast and I normally don't enjoy escape rooms, and the overall experience was great
Anders Harrison
10:21 24 Nov 21

Brainy Actz Escape Rooms Mesa

If you are looking to find an exciting escape room challenge nearby Mesa, then experiencing one of Brainy Actz Escape Rooms Mesa is the ideal team building activity or event venue. They are real-life puzzle room adventure that puts you in a room for 60 minutes, with up to 10 people. The goal is to try to solve different objectives and puzzles so you and your team can ultimately exit the room before the clock runs out.

Mesa Escape Room

Brainy Actz Escape Rooms for Kids and AdultsWhat makes our Mesa escape room adventures unique is the fact that we tailor to both adults and kids. The escape games we have created are made to test your teamwork abilities, problem-solving skills, and intellect to push your brains to the limit.

Our escape games’ level of difficulty is designed to challenge even the most intelligent and resourceful Adults. However, when kids are doing the room with no adults present, then one of our staff members will provide more hints and clues via walkie talkie to help guide them through the room escape.

You, your friends, and family will have plenty of choices for your next exit game adventure, which we are sure will be the time of your lives finding clues and solving mysteries. We are confident that you will want to keep coming back to take on the next Brainy Actz Escape Rooms Mesa challenge.

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Archery Arrow Tag

If you can dodge a ball you can dodge an arrow!

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Nerf Wars

Time to fire up the ol'Nerf blaster!

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Axe Throwing Experience

Can you throw an Axe and hit the bull's eye?

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Rage Room

The perfect place to bring your friends for a SMASHING experience!

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Splatter Paint Room

Splatter painting is a fun & unique experience for kids and adults to paint on canvas and on everywhere else.

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Brainy Actz Escape Rooms is a real-life puzzle adventure that puts you and your friends in a locked room with 60 minutes to accomplish your goal! Whether you are escaping the clutches of a cursed pirate or searching the jungles of Africa for an ancient treasure, you will have to work together and use the clues at your disposal to claim victory!

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