Great experience fun for all ages me and my family really enjoyed the arrow tag
Austin Parks
18:29 10 May 22
Me and 3 of my girls (cousins) went to the pirate room and we had a blast. To the girl who worked are awesome! Thank you Shy for helping us have a great time
Karrie Hardin
15:38 01 May 22
Awesome experience! Our helper Jacob was awesome as well 🙏
Snow Media
22:22 13 Apr 22
This was really neat. Had fun but I suggest bringing items of your choice such as cups, bowls, even a small TV they said lol. They don't provide you much to break other than small little items. You get about 20 min. I suggest bringing water because it gets very hot inside due to what you have to wear. Definitely would go again.
Dogpunker6 C
18:38 19 Mar 22
Came here for my bachelorette party and we had a blast. Our escape room has some spooky elements that we did not know about that looking back now were pretty hilarious. The staff is friendly and helpful.
Tamara L
14:59 16 Mar 22
Great time!Axes were a little dull.
Lindsay Bachman
05:26 13 Feb 22
Great place to get your anger and frustrations out.
Mike Martinez
03:21 28 Jan 22
The host was nice and knew what he was doing.
23:25 16 Jan 22
This place is really fun and exciting and the staff are exceptional. We had booked a nerf war for 10 people when we arrived at the facility 2 women were at the front desk drenched in paint throwing verbal threats at all of the staff, the manager, and three other staff members were being as accommodating as possible but these ladies were unreasonable and rude. They showed amazing leadership skills despite the awful remarks these women were making, the staff here alone deserve 5 stars they made sure to explain the situation to us, we also work in retail so we can relate very well. Go here you'll have TONS of fun and the staff will take good care of you!
Karley Maybery
05:33 09 Jan 22
Went to have a nerf war with my family of 4. We had a blast. The kids 5 and 9 had so much fun. The people working were nice. We will be back to try some of the other things they offer!
jennifer valenzuela
01:43 04 Jan 22
Wonderful friendly staff, very easy going and helpful. Had lots of fun!
B. R.
00:58 01 Jan 22
The staff was very courteous and helpful. My family and I felt it was challenging yet fun. It is a great way to disconnect and work together. We had such a blast!!!! We recommend the pirate room.
Joe Dominguez
04:23 29 Dec 21
Escape rooms creative and engaging. They were very intricate too.
jellyfish jelly jam
17:08 18 Dec 21
So much fun but it’s very difficult!! We did the pirate one and didn’t escape with in the 60min but afterwards the awesome staff gave us the option if we want them to walk us through the rest of the room to finish up the experience. I would absolutely go back to try the other rooms! There a little brewery next door for some good beers before or after also! Can’t wait to return
Arica B
17:47 17 Dec 21
We did the Lodge themed escape room and really enjoyed it. The clues and storyline were all really well framed and there were just enough hints to keep us from getting lost. Really cool automated latches and synchronized lighting and audio effects. Well worth it for team building and for fun!
JL Whittle
04:26 01 Dec 21
Pirate room was fun! Definitely difficult. Quinton was a great room host!
Jeremy James
05:43 27 Nov 21
The Pirate room was a perfect challenge and our host Quinton was superb!
Matt McCaleb
05:19 27 Nov 21
Groovy experience.
Zallin (Zallin)
04:01 15 Nov 21
It was really fun to do something different!
Cathy Carder
00:45 14 Nov 21

Brainy Actz Escape Rooms Bakersfield

If you are looking to find an exciting escape room challenge nearby Bakersfield, then experiencing one of Brainy Actz Escape Rooms Bakersfield is the ideal team building activity or event venue. They are real-life puzzle room adventure that puts you in a room for 60 minutes, with up to 10 people. The goal is to try to solve different objectives and puzzles so you and your team can ultimately exit the room before the clock runs out.

Bakersfield Escape Room

Brainy Actz Escape Rooms for Kids and AdultsWhat makes our Bakersfield escape room adventures unique is the fact that we tailor to both adults and kids. The escape games we have created are made to test your teamwork abilities, problem-solving skills, and intellect to push your brains to the limit.

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Nerf Wars

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Archery Arrow Tag

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Brainy Actz Escape Rooms is a real-life puzzle adventure that puts you and your friends in a locked room with 60 minutes to accomplish your goal! Whether you are escaping the clutches of a cursed pirate or searching the jungles of Africa for an ancient treasure, you will have to work together and use the clues at your disposal to claim victory!

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