Sara Starzyk
03:24 20 Mar 22
We had an amazing time! Fun, challenging puzzles and a great theme! Will definitely be coming back to try the other rooms!
Ali Rasouli
23:54 19 Mar 22
Amazing, fun and challenging. We loved it.
Amanda Mynatt
03:54 18 Mar 22
Did “The Legacy” escape room with my husband. Super fun and interactive. Great date night idea. The staff was friendly and helpful, too. Will definitely come back to do the other escape room. We went on a Thursday night and it was nice and quiet for us.
Allie Bailey
21:11 12 Feb 22
Rage room was fun as hell. Bring your own stuff bc they don’t have a ton but man was that a release from all the pent up emotions of day to day life. Don’t forget to scream! So relieving.
Ariele Andalon
14:51 20 Jan 22
The staff was very attentive and gracious here, and explained everything really thoroughly before we got started. 10/10 would come back
Valerie Arenas
05:17 08 Jan 22
This place was a lot of fun. I thought we were going to get only one canvas and it turned out it was one per person. My kids had fun throwing paint and painting the walls.
Ignacio Vargas
03:13 30 Dec 21
Wonderful experience being able to paint with my partner. Staff are courteous and friendly as we signed waivers and then lead to our splatter paint room. We were able to go chaotic with painting our paintings with the included canvas and splatter the walls.A great date idea for 2 people!
Cory Chavez
04:59 19 Dec 21
The jungle escape room was very entertaining! There were puzzles that could be a little more realistic and a little more developed instead of relying on the “unlock the box” approach to everything, but overall it was entertaining and we made it out!
Claire Kaneko
19:22 25 Nov 21
Kristin was the best! She was so accommodating and the sweetest! The escape rooms were challenging and fun! Definitely recommend!
Matthew Nakamura
02:09 24 Nov 21
So much fun! Challenging clues, but not frustratingly difficult. Amazing experience and would absolutely recommend to anyone!
jordan Arbenz
13:59 12 Nov 21
Girlfriend said she wanted to surprise me. When we got there and were walked back to the paint room I was very surprised. Took awhile for the creative juices to start flowing but eventually we were painting the walls, our canvases and each other. Very fun
Baylor Greene
00:37 11 Nov 21
Had a great time, hostess was amazing
06:07 09 Nov 21
The escape room was great fun. Awesome host too.
Jessica Brown
01:11 08 Nov 21
Had a great time at the escape room with my husband. The staff was friendly and we enjoyed having fun together!!! Definitely recommend!!!
Diana Mendez
05:56 28 Oct 21
This was sooo much fun. I definitely recommend this. The employee was so nice!
Brooke Phillips
00:54 27 Oct 21
It was good experience....Had fun painting
Yehuda Kirschenbaum
00:57 28 Aug 21
Had so much fun in the rage room! Can't wait to come back and try the other activities.
Maxwell Duncan
00:35 27 Aug 21
If you do the rage room, dress and prepare for it as a workout. Throwing glass bottles is an experience. Exercise those demons.
Michaela Stephan
18:14 26 Aug 21
So much fun
cindy ramirez
02:38 07 Aug 21
Very fun experience! Staff is very nice and helpful! Will definitely be back for a different room
Dina Stuhl
03:10 27 Jul 21
Wow, you really need to use your brains here. We were 5 intelligent people and escaped with only 7 minutes to spare.
Michelle Del Gatto
20:52 02 May 21
Best therapy session ever!
Did jungle room with my 16 year old son and lodge with 2 of my 13 year old triplets and we loved it! We screamed a few times but we survived!
John Evans
02:02 06 Feb 21
So much fun. Splatter paint was a lot more fun than I thought. Let the music take you away. Bring your phone they have bluetooth speakers.
Angie Kozair
04:50 31 Jan 21
Staff was awesome! Room was challenging. We had a great time!
asia harding
15:13 25 Nov 20
Such a fun experience. We were first timers and they were so helpful. They gave us little hints to help us find clues which was nice because we were able to escape in enough time. At the end of the game he gave us his card with a discount for the next game whenever we wanted to return.
Brooks Rockett
00:26 04 Nov 20
Wife and I just went for our anniversary. The escape room we tried was tough and the neon splatter painting was super fun. Staff are cool and friendly. Will be back to try the rage room!
Sophia Brunetti
02:46 02 Nov 20
I completed the Lost Point Lodge escape room. It was a ton of fun!! It was high tech and a good challenge. The room itself was really pretty and it was a fully immersive experience. The staff was friendly and welcoming!
alexa policari
20:41 06 Oct 20
Note that there is no sign at all on the outside making it difficult to locate. It's in a pretty small space so even from the parking lot it's difficult to see through the windows and spot the brainy actz logo on the inside wall. We did the lodge, which is supposed to be their hardest rated room and overall had a fun time but there is room for improvement: Quite a few of the clues were worn out making them difficult to read, some of the clues lead to playing recordings and the volume was so low I personally could not make out what was being said, and they use a directional lock that is highly finicky. We do escape rooms to solve a puzzle; be mentally stimulated. Eye sight (i.e seeing faded blacklight marker), hearing, and ability to unlock a known problematic lock should not be part of the challenges. For the lock specifically, my group spent 10 minutes on it before finally calling for help only to find out we'd been putting in the correct code the whole time but out of our group of 6 (inputting the code exactly as instructed) none of us could get it open. The challenge there was figuring out the code, the lock itself was just aggravation. All of these things are easily fixable though, so hopefully they do. Our host was awesome and energetic, the room design was cool. Those few things aside, I'd go back again and check out a new room.
Alika Davis
05:11 20 Sep 20
Amazing experience for a Saturday night. We are avid escape room breakers. 4 of us took on the challenge of the Jungle room. Holly our host was welcoming, energetic, and just friendly from the start. She made that boring lecture that is normally given in the beginning fun. Her hints were just enough not to give us the answer. The room was challenging, had interesting puzzles, and was we'll put together. We broke out with 2 hints. We will definitely be back to look for Bigfoot or smash some things.
Ramon Anderson
06:02 13 Sep 20
Good rooms and good host. Go escape The Strykers did
1st one....lots of fun cool staff
Leighann Kelly
05:14 28 Jun 20
Very friendly staff. And room was pretty fun.
23:51 04 Jan 20
Took a group of girl scouts there and they had a ton of fun
rzimodnar X
08:08 03 Jan 20
My biggest issue was overthinking everything. But I still enjoyed it even though we needed all the hints.
Gonzalo Vincent
16:56 04 Dec 19
The place is hard to find at night, but the escape room and staff are cool
Dianellys Brioso
01:26 01 Dec 19
Great experience. Really fun.
Yuri Japanese Beauty
03:08 04 Jun 19
Staff was super helpful and friendly. They had nice special effects.
Michele Berionne
23:39 22 Mar 19
Overall a fun experience and certainly a good place for team events. Anyway, the largest room was not as good as the smaller one. The puzzles were interesting.
Ryan Archer
17:12 07 Mar 19
Fun with a group. We had a soccer team and they loved it!
Danny Vladi
05:15 26 Jan 19
Fun place for birthdays/gatherings. Good place to test skills of the mind, logic, vision. Bring the kids!
Alec Schroader
03:35 16 Jan 19
Well, I was confused for about the first 40 minutes of our hour, but my group seemed to get it. Lots of fun. Would definitely do it again! The host was awesome, really helpful, and was just what we needed for our first time. We finished with 7 minutes left and only used two of the four hints. It felt like a solid accomplishment on the first go!
Margaret Dawson
20:39 05 Jan 19
We had so much fun
Axel Piccolo
19:04 01 Jan 19
If I could give it 10 stars, I would! Can't wait to try the other rooms.
rebecca hickson
18:55 01 Jan 19
Me & my husband found our new favorite type of adventure. The thrill of racing against the clock with your close friends is great for team building. If you like to be challenged mentally, Brainy Actz is for you!
timon meer
17:59 01 Jan 19
What an awesome experience! The production level was movie-like, and story line makes it so fun to play along. Every clue lead to a new cooler clue, I felt like Scooby-doo and the squad. If your in the area it’s a must, even if you aren’t make it out.
James “Qix” Qian
20:55 22 Dec 18
It was so fun and well-thought-out.
Stephane Provost
14:55 20 Dec 18
Friendly and helpful staff. We had a lot of fun.
Artie Chearsamran
07:51 11 Dec 18
Had a great time here. Staff was amazing too!
Chandra Bhat
21:22 02 Nov 18
Interesting puzzles.
Rebekah Alfred
01:38 25 Oct 18
Really Fun! More challenging than I anticipated!
J Harrington
23:12 14 Oct 18
First time here n didn't know what to expect. You go into a room and are given one clue. You take that one clue find that and then it leads you to another clue and so on and so forth. You have an hour to complete the task of finding the gold sort of speak. We did it in about 45 minutes. We all work together well laughed a lot and had a good time.
Not Shown
05:02 15 Sep 18
My girlfriend and I decided to do an escape room for the first time. The scenario we decided to do was the lodge. Our host was Justin. He was kind and very helpful and explained everything to us. The situation/locked room experience was for 60 mins. It was a fun time with some thinking involved. We enjoyed our evening here and would definitely return again. I recommend.
John Rosas
13:53 23 Aug 18
This is the 2nd escape room I've done in San Diego. Here I did the barbershop scenario w/ 3 other adults while my daughter and 12 of her friends attempted the circus themed room as part of her 13th birthday. We booked the rooms to run concurrently so one group didn't have to wait until the other group was finished. Both the adults and the kids had a good time.If your mind thinks a certain way, you may find this escape room either more challenging or highly frustrating which would ruin your experience. Read the spoiler alert (below) to see my explanation. My kid and her friends said that the room was large enough that all of them fit in, and there were side challenges unrelated to the overall escape progression that kept them amused.Overall a great place, props were good and not cheesey, there was enough space in the room for 4 adults to move about easily, puzzles were a challenge but not overly difficult. Amazingly the circus themed room was large enough that my kid and her friends fit in it. The adults finished about 75% of their escape room and the tweens finished theirs.* MINOR SPOILER ALERT: The puzzles were challenging but weren't set up in a linear fashion. That is, completing one task doesn't lead you to the next one specifically needed in the progression. You would find a task, complete it, and then stumble upon another puzzle that is actually 2 or 3 places further in the progression. You had to mentally note all of the clues found and then put them in order.

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Brainy Actz Escape Rooms San Diego

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San Diego Escape Room

Brainy Actz Escape Rooms for Kids and AdultsWhat makes our San Diego escape room adventures unique is the fact that we tailor to both adults and kids. The escape games we have created are made to test your teamwork abilities, problem-solving skills, and intellect to push your brains to the limit.

Our escape games’ level of difficulty is designed to challenge even the most intelligent and resourceful Adults. However, when kids are doing the room with no adults present, then one of our staff members will provide more hints and clues via walkie talkie to help guide them through the room escape.

You, your friends, and family will have plenty of choices for your next exit game adventure, which we are sure will be the time of your lives finding clues and solving mysteries. We are confident that you will want to keep coming back to take on the next Brainy Actz Escape Rooms San Diego challenge.

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Rage Room

The perfect place to bring your friends for a SMASHING experience!

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Rage Room 2

The perfect place to bring your friends for a SMASHING experience!

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Splatter Paint Room

Splatter painting is a fun & unique experience for kids and adults to paint on canvas and on everywhere else.

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Axe Throwing Experience

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Tie Dye Workshop

Get Creative With Our Tie Dye Workshop!

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The door is locked. 60 minutes are on the clock. Are you ready?

Brainy Actz Escape Rooms is a real-life puzzle adventure that puts you and your friends in a locked room with 60 minutes to accomplish your goal! Whether you are escaping the clutches of a cursed pirate or searching the jungles of Africa for an ancient treasure, you will have to work together and use the clues at your disposal to claim victory!

We invite you to bring your kids, family, friends, co-workers, and significant others to our Brainy Actz Escape Rooms.

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