So much fun! First time at one of these, and we had a blast! All the staff was helpful, and friendly. Highly recommended.
Brett Grosso
04:51 12 Nov 19
We had a great time yesterday for my birthday. At first my group of 8 was included with a group of 2 others, who had already done the room and they where in it to get the best time. We did NOT enjoy that experience as they had took charge and ruined it for us. However Gaelin had noticed what was happening and when my mom came out to talk to him about it he immediately gave us an experience of our own. And although we didn’t make it through we absolutely enjoyed our experience the second time around. Thank you for that!My only suggestion is to when you add two different groups or more together. Maybe ask the question if any group has don’t that particular room before. Otherwise we had a blast and will be back to do the other room. And maybe even the one we didn’t get a chance to enjoy, but finished 🤷🏻‍♀️
Monica Petree
18:09 10 Nov 19
Lots of fun for a large group! We all were engaged for the entire time(and some extra time they gave us because we are dumb). Not to mention the pricing was great for the time!
Nicholas Osgood
06:10 10 Nov 19
Super nice and fun! Several different rooms, we tried the legacy, probably will be back to try others.
Dakota Teterud
06:01 10 Nov 19
Fun for everyone all ages 😻I had a blast nerf game
The M. H6LL Entertainment
18:48 09 Nov 19
Attended a friends Birthday party where they played nerd wars. The kids had so much fun and the room was really neat too!
Jennifer Loughrey
03:16 09 Nov 19
Very fun. I recommend it.
Shad Kerr
23:12 07 Nov 19
Windwalker was an amazing host and we cant wait to do it again, we had 3 mins left
Ray Sebastian
21:44 04 Nov 19
Did Secrets of the Master with my friend and had a blast. We had 53 seconds left! Walker was a great host and Wouldwas very helpful. recommend recommend this for anyone!
Henry Trucksis
04:48 04 Nov 19
We celebrated our son's 11th birthday and had a fantastic time! We definitely want to come back and try a different room.
Vanessa Moore
00:06 03 Nov 19
Great customer service, fun time with family!
Jessica Hawk
19:23 26 Oct 19
Had a great time, friendly staff.
Mike Sawvell
04:37 20 Oct 19
Pretty awesome and straight forward. Very fun
Joel Kunz
12:05 19 Oct 19
A great experience! The staff is very helpful & great at creating a welcoming atmosphere. Recommend to all! Thanks Shyan!
Cheyenne Eggers
20:33 18 Oct 19
Great activity great hosts
Tim Hamilton
01:52 11 Oct 19
This place is amazing I been there twice and plan yo go there again had a blast both times
Steven Tappin
03:57 05 Oct 19
It was a group of us that went and had an amazing time the staff is very nice and helpful, the escape room was so much fun even though we didn't beat the fastest time we were still able to get out. I will defiantly be going back and recommending this to others! Thank you for the amazing time!
Chase Crumbacker
21:55 01 Oct 19
It was a fun place to challenge your brain. The people were very nice and helpful. Everyone had a fun time working together.
Becky Zacher
16:59 28 Sep 19
We went as a double date with our parents, lol and it was amazing. I've always been curious about doing an escape room for awhile and heard good things about Brainy Actz establishment. I was pleasantly surprised by the whole thing. My boyfriend and I, are so hooked we want to find other escape rooms near us. We look forward to coming back to brainy actz to use our other groupons such the dodge ball archery, which sounds different and fun. This is definitely a place to go to switch it up!!!!!
Christina Harris
14:58 28 Sep 19
Loved it! Luved eeettt! Heart iiiittt!!!! We went there a a group of co-workers after our shift to celebrate our Doctor's birthday & we had a blast. We only finished 50% of the puzzle but now we know who is a team player & a loner. Bahahaaa!
jasmin lazaroo
00:51 21 Sep 19
Best Organizational Day ever! Not what I expected, and totally fun
Inez Hollmann
06:23 07 Sep 19
Very fun room, lots of well utilized tech which is always a plus!
Sean Baker
21:12 06 Sep 19
Very fun experience for the family! Will definitely go again
daniel munguia
06:12 02 Sep 19
It was awesome
HDkiwi boyo
00:21 29 Aug 19
It was a very interesting experience. We will definitely be going back again. It brought out the competitive streak in both of my children.
India Harris-Rodriguez
04:15 20 Aug 19
My husband and I needed a out of the ordinary date night, this was the perfect place to go. We had so much fun searching for clues around the room. The customer service was AMAZING. Shyan sent me a text 4 hours before asking if I had any questions and gave me the address. We were greeted right away, and she did a really good job explaining the rules and giving us clues when we asked. We lucked out and got the whole room to ourselves. At the end she showed us how to complete the puzzles and offered to take a picture. SO fun. We will come back for another round in the future!
Aundrea Pillow
16:35 17 Aug 19
Very fun experience and planning on doing it again. It was my groups first time so we struggled quite a bit but the host was very helpful whenever we needed it. Only problem was that the music is to loud to actually here the hints that the game gives making it kind of hard to solve clues. Other than that it was a great time.
Drew Bolstad
16:15 14 Aug 19
I can definitely say, my family and I had a blast shooting at each other. It's too bad we didn't try out escape room. There is always a next time. Thank you Isabella and other staff, sorry dont know the names
Solema Sauileone
03:54 14 Aug 19
It was really fun and definitely challenging. We will be going again!
Rebecca Stratton
17:00 13 Aug 19
Super fun activity! We had a blast. The staff was super friendly. We even escaped with 8 minutes to spare! We will be back! 🙂
Kylie Burnett
16:49 12 Aug 19
Lots of fun and well developed escape rooms.
Jack Cruzan
03:47 12 Aug 19
Had so much fun playing nerf war!!
Candice Summerlin
01:10 11 Aug 19
Loved the variety and challenge of this place! Staff is awesome and very accommodating, thank you guys! Will come back again.
JP Kamisan
04:19 09 Aug 19
Had so much fun. Was warm since it was a small room with 4 people but overall great!! We even decided to do another one right after!
Demi Schaber
04:15 04 Aug 19
We had our first experience at an escape room here! It really kicked off our love for the challenges. I’m bringing friends to try out the rooms my husband and I already solved to see if they like the puzzles too!
Molly Hatch
14:17 03 Aug 19
Gaelin and Gibson where the best!!!! Customer service was on point and they were very professional. I’m coming back very soon.
Jermel Bell
02:35 03 Aug 19
Loved it! Challenging but fun! Will definitely be back.
Jessica Marshall
04:30 01 Aug 19
It was really cool here we got to have a Nerf war and try to escape rooms!!!!
19:48 30 Jul 19
We did the Legacy room. This is the second location I've been to for escape rooms and it was great. Our group of 6 solved the room and had a blast, I will be returning 😄
Heather D
20:32 26 Jul 19
I had a great time and the escape room was fun and challenging
David Brady
13:04 22 Jul 19
So much fun! It was our first time doing an escape room and Shyan was our host. They have an ipad mounted to the wall so you can text your host and receive hints, but only 3 freebies! Although we couldn’t hear one of the things open from the other room so we wasted a bit of time, and the lock was stuck even though the combination was correct (don’t be afraid to tug on it HARD), we are absolutely hooked! Definitely returning and doing the other two rooms.
Shyanne Brockel
06:53 13 Jul 19
Went here for my daughter’s 40th birthday tonight! I liked it was kid friendly however it was pretty hard to solve. Found out less than 50% success rate! Staff were fantastic and very helpful! We had a great time!
Kathy Thaut
06:06 13 Jul 19
Douglas Evans
00:25 12 Jul 19
We enjoyed the activities that we did here. The staff was friendly and was able to work with us to schedule multiple things on the same day. The parking is not convenient.
Toby.Kristen Tarzwell
22:43 08 Jul 19
We were in Tacoma for a family vacation and stopped here as part of our trip. I loved it. We had a group of ten which was a few too many maybe, but still enjoyable! The staff was friendly and helpful and the room itself was a lot of fun. It had a cool computerized system that unlocked all kinds of clues and activated different hints. A little on the expensive side, but I enjoyed the whole experience. A great date night activity!!
Rebecca Reynolds
05:25 04 Jul 19
The host was really cool, the building is unexpectedly nice, it was hot outside but very cool inside I loved that also, an they use my favorite color green in their theme! But trying to escape the room, it was really fun an a real mind game I thought I was a real detective lol. We all had tons of fun we will be going back to attempt to escape the room. 10 stars
dee orbital
18:40 01 Jul 19
Had a fun time
Monica Patterson
17:17 28 Jun 19
Was nice and fun
Michael Yeah
05:46 22 Jun 19
If you are looking for a great, fun experience to do with friends or family, highly recommend! We had a group of 6 and had an amazing time with one of the rooms at the Tacoma location! Definitely will be back to try the other rooms!
Dakota Griffin
22:13 17 Jun 19
Well put together and really fun to solve the secrets of the master
Isaac Looker
00:01 10 Jun 19
Great staff, fun atmosphere! I'm excited to see them grow more.
Morgan Pasquier
05:53 05 Jun 19
I had an absolute blast ! Would definitely recommend it! And am definitely planning on returning
Olivia Forgione
23:39 28 May 19
Lots of fun!!! Dispite some technical issues Fernando was attentive and was sure to step in and help. The room was both challenging and fun. In a room full of 7 we cracked the code but only after some over time. Definately recommend!
Seattle-Lights Performers
23:39 28 May 19
Great experience, had so much fun!
Carly Bersin
23:39 28 May 19
Loved the environment and the staff! I had fun with the room I did too, very unexpected!
Deanna Mims
01:37 26 May 19
It was a good time
Keeven Stephens
01:26 26 May 19
Very cool environment, that nerf room is dope!
Christian Mims
01:24 26 May 19
Great place to get some exercise!
Amber herrera
23:42 25 May 19
Great fun happy kids and parents be ready to get sweaty!
Adina Than
02:56 21 May 19
Solved the puzzle which was fun, Great place to bring your friends, The guy there didn't really have a personality.Beside that props to the engineers.
Deshaun Hollis
05:44 15 May 19
We had a group of 4 and had a great time!
Keya Karimian
00:00 15 May 19
Fun fun, but hot hot in the room
Joe Fox
04:58 12 May 19
Had a birthday party here for my daughter. It was great. We had a big group and they accommodated us into two separate escape rooms which were fantastic. A little mentally exhausting, but it was super fun to see your children challenge themselves to solve the puzzle. Friendly staff and a wonderful time. Will definitely be back.
Mauricio Aspee
18:31 05 May 19
Such a great experience!
Adrian Aguilar
02:30 21 Apr 19
Great experience for my platoon as a fun resiliency day activity. It’s cheap and a great experience if you’ve never attempted an escape room before. I highly recommend coming here!
Jared Quigney
23:21 16 Apr 19
Great people and rooms lol especially that Windwalker chap
Windwalker Monschke
02:56 14 Apr 19
We had a great time! The staff was very friendly and helpful when we got stuck, but didn't help too much! Definitely coming back to try the other rooms!
Andrew Brown
08:02 07 Apr 19
We had alot of fun, really good puzzles
05:21 07 Apr 19
smethie, 1OTM
04:53 06 Apr 19
This is the best Experience ever!!!! Employees are extremely friendly and fun!!! I highly recommend this company!!!! Lots and lots of family fun!!!
Crystal Whetter
02:37 05 Apr 19
Go. It's worth it!
Amber Simons
06:53 03 Apr 19
The puzzle (the one we did was the Mystery at the Lost Point Lodge) was pretty hard for us and we only got over halfway done by the end, but the staff were very nice and helpful and the place was great. It had games and activities when waiting for the room beforehand. A couple of the things in our room was a little messed up, the computer was slow, and one thing we were supposed to do was not working at first but they can’t help that. Overall, a great experience!
Savanna Hardman
01:57 01 Apr 19
The boys loved it !
claudia carrillo
05:15 31 Mar 19
Tried this place out on a Groupon, but I will definitely be a return customer. The Secrets of the Master puzzle was excellent and I will be returning for the second puzzle room as well. Very cool atmosphere and the staff are a lot of fun as well as being helpful.
Bhavik Mistry
04:25 30 Mar 19
Good place for adult and kid fun
Tecarlos Williams
04:54 24 Mar 19
Great but too noisy with kids
alexander Oddoz-Mazet
03:45 22 Mar 19
Mystery at Lost Point Lodge was awesome! We were able to solve it in 53 minutes! Definitely going back to play the other rooms!
Des Smith
03:52 17 Mar 19
I'll admit I sucked at this but the staff, the room and the puzzles were really nice. They are designed well and the price was great too. Their crew does help you if you're really stuck three times which I think helped me so much, otherwise I would be able to complete the room in by myself. I will definitely return here if I could and recommend it to others as well
Saad Hussain
17:55 16 Mar 19
Soooo much fun!!
Jessikah Cesena
23:59 11 Mar 19
Great place. We had lots of fun!
Eric Wearner
03:18 07 Mar 19
Really fun escape room, they've got a friendly and helpful (but not too helpful 😉) staff, and simple yet effective and challenging puzzles that really tease the brain by not being so obscure you feel like you're completely lost. We went here with a fairly large group, but that never felt like it was an advantage, the puzzles sclae pretty well
Ben Young
02:33 04 Mar 19
They were amazing!! The puzzles we're fun, the rooms were detailed, and the staff was so nice! Thanks for the great experience!!
Teagan Fife
23:10 03 Mar 19
That was a lot of fun.
Paul Nuss
04:23 28 Jan 19
My daughter had a really fun 10 year old birthday there! The staff was very accommodating and super helpful!
Kelby Berg
04:59 27 Jan 19
Nerf War was fun!!!!!!!
Angela S
09:57 26 Jan 19
Just went for a friend's birthday (three couples). It was great fun! We made it out of the room!
Christina Hiblar
22:49 13 Jan 19
Really fun, to bad we ran out off time.
Elias Pineda
06:49 12 Jan 19
Really fun!
Mrs. Angelique
03:57 10 Jan 19
Really fun for the whole family. We will come back to try the other escape rooms!
Chad Manning
06:59 05 Jan 19
A little bit cheaper than other escape rooms and provides so much more than just escape rooms. Also, fun and friendly staff. If you haven't done anything like this, definitely make some time to try it!
22:08 04 Jan 19
Some of the props were kind of broken but it was over all a lot of fun and the staff was very friendly.
Kristy Young
02:17 03 Jan 19
Shooting arrows at each for an hour. Need I say more???
Robert McNearny
04:37 02 Jan 19
This was my first time at an escape room so i was worried i wouldn't know what to do but their Brainy Actz crew members helped give us a overview of the storyline and big hints through walkie-talkies during our time. Great decorations and great production levels in the room. Brainy Actz is a must try experience.
jessica yang
03:35 02 Jan 19
So much fun! Every room is different than the next. The puzzles and clues were fun to find and solve. Great for a big group of friends. We went with a small group of 4 which made it more challenging but our clue supervisor was a big help along the way. I definitely recommend Brainy Actz.
richard taylor
03:22 02 Jan 19
Just took the wife to solve some puzzles in one of their escape rooms. Had a blast! Destyni was very helpful and very nice. Definitely the highlight of the night. Would highly recommend to do at least once. Planning on coming back in the very near future.
Keith Stone
01:34 31 Dec 18
Went here Dec 16th. The place was a little easy to overlook, even with GPS help. Street parking was the only option that I saw. The place has a lot of options inside other than the Escape Room. Our puzzle was challenging and fun. When we arrived (late due to traffic, road closures and detours), the staff was able to still work with us. A birthday party was just finishing up and made the reception area noisy and a bit chaotic. However, being a mom I'd expect no less. All the children looked to be having a hood time as well. We agreed we would return.
ChanQuetta Robertson
18:49 29 Dec 18
Awesome place for the whole family or friends. If the nerfs jam (they will) don't worry the employees are awesome they will help you out. One thing I really liked is the waiting room is full of bunch of games
Wilmar Velilla
04:32 29 Dec 18
While small it was very fun for the kids.
Eston Stiles
23:23 16 Dec 18
Took 5 boys there for Nerf. They had a great time. The employee was great. The only complaint was the guns jamming, but i didn't think it happened too much for non stop hour action!
Kristie Patterson
22:54 06 Dec 18
Great for kids
ashlee hall
03:22 26 Nov 18
Wife and I did an easy "family friendly" escape room for a date night. With the two of us I took pretty much the whole hour to complete which was perfect.
Richard Webb
02:41 24 Nov 18
Really fun escape rooms that were challenging, literally had only 1 minute left
Aaron Collier
04:29 21 Nov 18
Excellent service from the staff. Great experience with the escape rooms. Very well done.
Peter Suppicich
16:30 31 Oct 18
Destiny was very helpful and made our first escape room experience great. She knows how to create a fun environment
Ariel Diamond
06:27 14 Oct 18
This was a lot of fun. We did The Legacy room and the puzzles were challenging but not impossible. We didn't finish in the hour time limit but they were nice and gave us a few extra minutes to complete the escape room. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to try an escape room for the first time.
Brenton Carroll
22:35 29 Sep 18
I’ve never done an Escape Room, but my buddies and I decided to give it a go. We did legacy and it was really good! We didn’t get out in time, but we were close, and the hints were perfect enough to guide us. Destiny was a great host and the other people were nice as well answering all of our questions. I definitely recommend this place and will be coming back for another room and to check out their arrow tag.
Simram Family
02:21 21 Sep 18
Challenging puzzles and enthusiastic hosts. Get your thinking caps on for these escape adventures!
Joseph Wilson
01:12 19 Sep 18
As of today, 16 Sep this place is open but still under construction. It was our first experience in an escape room. It was loads of fun and well done. It was challenging! Staff were super friendly and helpful. Once the facility is finished I think it will look great and be a cool place to hangout with a variety of activities (alcohol free). The room we did only has a 25% completion rate. Not sure if that's normal for these places but seems pretty low to get repeat customers. Also, if some rooms are more challenging than others it would be helpful for the company to provide that info on the website i.e. "this challenge is great for newbies!" Overall, I totally recommend the place. Go enjoy! And don't forget to get your discount code by signing up for their emails. I got mine immediately and used it right away for my first visit.
Else W
02:02 17 Sep 18
Really enjoyed this place. Highly recommend it to anyone that is up for a challenge. We made it out within the hour. Cool features within the room. Close to downtown and they offer other activities too. Will be back soon.
Daniel Larke
08:50 03 Sep 18
This was an amazing experience. The staff were great and they had a lot of cool items in the room that we really enjoyed. We finally had the chance to try an escape room for a date night and it worked out great. they have other rooms that we need to come back and try really soon as well!
Calvin Smith
20:56 31 Aug 18

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