loved it
Imani H
00:26 12 May 20
My husband and I did the Old West room. We have done about eight or so escape rooms and this is now tied for our favorite. We highly reccomend them. Go have some fun!
Whitney Rodgers
07:44 17 Feb 20
So much fun here!! The clues were pretty difficult but with the right team members and working together, we solved the puzzles and were finished in less than an hour! Can't wait for the next one!!
Laura Ireland
04:27 15 Jan 20
We went as a family yesterday and I cannot share enough how helpful, friendly and accommodating the staff was!!! Thank you!!! The barber shop room was great!!! Can’t wait to go again!! 👍👍👍
Brooke Hanson
00:51 08 Jan 20
My fiance and I went here for the very first time and it was a great experience. There are a few things though that could be better however. Firstly, for the amount of money that you're paying for, it doesn't feel worth it. That being said, we got the tickets as a gift from a family member. She told me that for the both of us it came out to $60 plus a $4 fee to enter. Another thing that could be improved is the time you are allowed for each escape room. We completed the first room for the Western theme, but we found out afterwards that there was more to it than just that. Therefore, we weren't able to complete the rest. Afterall, it was only my fiance and I. If you plan to do this, make sure you are with a good amount of people. That way, more than one person can be assigned to each puzzle and it can make things go by more quickly and efficiently. My fiance and I had to figure things out a little at a time because it was only us. So if I were in charge of managing the time for the escape room, I would provide a sufficient amount of time based on the number of people in the group as well as difficulty. Overall, it was a cool experience and I will come back.
Isabela Vega
07:43 28 Dec 19
So many twists and turns. Each move should help you solve your Escape!! Great Place. Will come again!!!
Avelina Blackman
01:39 14 Dec 19
This was an awesome experience. We made it out! The clues are very helpful and the staff is very welcoming. We are ready to try the other room!
Maria Olivo
03:14 26 Oct 19
Friendly staff. Punctual and very accommodating for usage of their party room.
Jamil Zahoor
07:01 07 Oct 19
Had a little technical problems with our ninja laser room we had scheduled but the guy (I forgot his name) was really impressive about fixing this problem and making our experience the best it can be. He arranged for us to do an scape room instead and my girlfriend and I had a blast. I would definitely come back again. Its alot of fun
Alex Maldonado
01:58 02 Oct 19
Tried the Smuggler room and Western room in one night. The Smuggler had more attainable and innovative puzzles. I think they could be achieved by most groups. The western room had a few more puzzles that seemed unnecessarily difficult, but had a great atmosphere. Amazing staff! Fun waiting room. The cheesy pre-room videos are super funny.
Bridgette Andrew
06:01 28 Aug 19
Great time great fun great price.
Corey Bartol
02:21 22 Aug 19
Loved it! My husband and I had fun working together as CIA Agents. I had never been to an escape room before and didn't know what to expect. To be honest I thought it might be cheesy but I was surprised to see it was way more sophisticated then imagined. I cant wait to go again.
Heidi Smith
04:25 26 Jul 19
This is the first time going to an escape room and we were not disappointed. So much fun for our group I don’t know how I would have ever figured it out alone. I not sure how other groups figure it out without clues?
Ken McBride
16:30 08 Jul 19
Kimi Su
10:48 07 Jul 19
Fun experience
Edna Ramirez
04:31 23 Jun 19
Lots of fun! Would definitely do it again!
Carl Gonzales
06:20 15 Jun 19
Pirate room was fun - but almost entirely various types of locks.
Margaret Armijo
13:56 08 Jun 19
This is really fun I reccomend this to everyone.
Roberto Escudero
15:37 31 May 19
Best place to go with a group of friends! And prices are great! Had a great time!
Alex Castillo
07:01 27 May 19
The staff is funny,sweet,nice and helpful definitely check it out
sharon b
16:05 18 May 19
We just got finished with the Escape room and it was a lot of fun! The props were great and the set up was super creative and cool! My guy and I had the best time figuring out the clues! Thankfully our host (and fellow pirate) Nathan, was awesome! He was very friendly, informative and added to the fun. We will definitely be back to try the other rooms.
Diana Juarez
07:01 15 May 19
Had a great time. More difficult thank we anticipated. Great staff.
daniel holdorf
03:16 11 May 19
Had a great time here with family. This was our 2nd visit, the first didn't go so well because we had a lot of young kids in the room with us which I don't recommend but Brainy Actz made up for it. We did The Legacy and it was fun. I don't think this is for kids under 15. I would definitely do this again
Rachel Webster
02:19 05 May 19
Interesting experience!
Miguel Lopez
00:55 05 May 19
Lota of fun for everyone.
Jeremy Fewkes
03:47 28 Apr 19
The staff was amazing. It would of been a great experience if my boys wasn't farting in that locked room. 😷😫
Keyba Smith
01:01 20 Apr 19
Awesome rooms. Very entertaining!
Mimi F
19:56 28 Mar 19
Daughter went to a birthday party and had a great time.
Bill Bryant
04:23 26 Mar 19
Fun & challenging 👍👍
our three little birds
04:39 24 Mar 19
My daughter went with friends. A huge hit!
Antoinette Simmons
05:53 23 Mar 19
Super fun, we did the smuggler room and it was challenging but very fun!!
robert savage
19:15 04 Mar 19
Went with a group of 10 had alot of fun. Staff was very friendly and helpful.
Annay Arroyo
05:36 03 Mar 19
Awesome experience, especially with our friends.
Eddy Pickering
08:27 02 Mar 19
Great fun for team and family events.
James Conklin
14:24 16 Feb 19
It was a very fun room. We did a group of 9 in the pirate room and escaped with 3 clues. There is a 50/50 escape rate according to the workers. For most of us it was the first time doing an escape room and we enjoyed it.
michael green
23:59 10 Feb 19
Puzzle was fun and just challenging enough. Employees seemed less than enthusiastic, however. I would go back
Jason Devor
03:15 03 Feb 19
Do this with a group of friends or go make some new ones. Communication is key! Without giving away details, it's a fun way to spend an hour.Brainy Actz has a fun staff that makes the environment enjoyable, but also thrilling and engaging. Multiple scenarios to choose from! Plan your escape, today!
14:41 08 Jan 19
Great place to have adventure.adults and children.
Gloria May
02:13 01 Jan 19
I've done all three rooms here and I've loved them all. The smuggler room was the easiest, while the legacy room was the hardest. While you're waiting for the room to be set up, they have a big selection of games to play. All in all a very nice establishment!
Alan Grondona
06:15 29 Dec 18
My family had a lot of fun. The staff could have been more enthusiastic but still a good time
Deborah Walker
15:34 28 Dec 18
Really fun. Great staff. Definitely recommend
Ciera Arroyo
19:22 22 Dec 18
Great place! Friendly and helpful staff! Escape room was a great challenge.
Jennifer Ream
05:09 16 Dec 18
Good experience it was my first escape room and I loved it. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try
Gabriel Zurita
06:31 26 Nov 18
Great rooms great staff. Alot of fun!
Sean O'Brien
14:27 21 Nov 18
My husband and I have taken our teen-aged grandsons to The Pirates and The Smugglers Escape Rooms. We all had so much fun! It was a blast! I highly recommend this place!
Denise Silva
06:58 17 Nov 18
Had a fun girls night
na funny
15:37 25 Oct 18
great service and was so much fun. can't wait to do it again!
Juan Robaldo
05:54 07 Oct 18
So much fun! This place is great, the host and hostess were great and we cant wait to do this again.
lacie bubeck
05:33 27 Sep 18
So fun!
B & S
15:48 13 Sep 18
Super fun. Great team building activity or group date. We went for my son's 13th birthday. He and his friends had a blast!
Patty Macias
14:23 11 Sep 18
Mw and my family had so much fun. I asked them to put in my pregnancy announcement and they did. It was fun
Aairyanna Simmons
22:41 08 Sep 18
Smugglers Room was fun with a group of friends. This would be wonderful for birthday party or a group to be in two different room to see who faster in solving the clues
Katrina Engelhardt
16:14 06 Sep 18
It was such a great experience I can’t wait to do it again. We did “The Great Pirate Escape” which I heard will be changing soon and i can’t wait to go back and try it. The entire experience was challenging but very fun. Also our guide Seth was so polite helpful and reassured us (first timers) that we would enjoy ourselves. Word of advice for myself or anyone in the future, don’t over think it because the answer is always right in front of you.
Christina Woodson
15:21 03 Sep 18
This place was very professional. My group showed up late and they were very nice and accommodated for us.
16:15 01 Sep 18
First time in an escape room so I have nothing to compare it to but I had a blast! My husband & I took my son, daughter, sister and brother in law. I can't wait to go back and try another room!
Ericka Boehnlein
23:47 28 Aug 18
This was my first escape room experience.I can already say that I'm hooked!I have to try the other escape rooms there.I'd definitely recommend this place.
Brian Davis
01:22 26 Aug 18
Fun, the staff was very polite and awesome
Josh B
06:27 18 Aug 18
Very cool family fun!! Very pleasant staff & clean place. The building is sort of hard to find - tucked into an Office building.
Tim Rymarcsuk
01:10 15 Aug 18
Staff was friendly and very welcoming. Video prep for the room was well very well done and the room was challenging enough to keep it from being too easy!! We will be back!! Best part of the Pirate Escape room is how the final door is opened!! Very clever!!
J Zeitz
02:42 12 Aug 18
We beat the time!
Heather Haworth
19:10 08 Aug 18
Fun place great for team building
Suzanne Gates
21:58 28 Jul 18
The staff are all very friendly and helpful and the Smuggler room is the best escape room I've done anywhere!
Connie Downs
16:17 25 Jul 18
Awesome way to spend time with family or friends. Really challenging, but loads of fun.
Michael Boehnlein
05:46 21 Jul 18
It was so much fun !
00:08 06 Jul 18
Nothing like kicking ads and taking names! This place rocks!!!!
Donna Forbes
18:26 05 Jul 18
Great rooms
My Skateboard
23:41 02 Jul 18
Just plain awesome
Joseph Watson
20:48 02 Jul 18
Finished the smuggler room with one clue in the first room and all clues in the second part. Barely got the "treasure" on time though.
Nina Cooper
03:21 26 Jun 18
The escape room had some malfunctions, but we still solved it. I would not recommend renting the "party" room as it is not a separate room.
Jennifer Griffin
05:05 21 Jun 18
Great team activity.
Ivan Vivo
06:29 13 Jun 18
We played the Pirate Escape Room and it was a lot of fun! They even gave us extra time to finish because it was our first time. It was a fun experience!
Onyinye Odogwu
14:21 12 Jun 18
Loved it!A really great experience for the whole family or a group of friends.Will definitely be back to try another room.
Sir Galahad
00:32 07 Jun 18
Fun way to spend an hour!
16:25 06 Jun 18
Really fun time with the family
Richard & Edie Gaviria
03:29 15 May 18
Such a fun family adventure!
Debbie Strosnider
14:45 12 May 18
Great staff, and lots of fun
Carlos Scott
14:06 04 May 18
Great place for a party, the kids had tons of fun and the staff was amazing!
T Kackert
16:16 03 May 18
This is a great way to spend with friends. Tests your clue finding and puzzle skills.
Mellisa Williams
05:42 02 May 18
The staff was amazing and very nice.
Elizabeth Betts-Brewer
17:53 27 Apr 18
Fun time in Temecula!
Mark Nelson
02:10 21 Apr 18
This was so much fun and Amanda was an amazing host!!
Sunnie Hanes
02:20 09 Apr 18
My 14-year-old daughter and I had a great time. This was our second time at Brainy Actz. She preferred the Pirate adventure and I preferred the Safari adventure. I find it a bit costly for one hour or so of entertainment, but we definitely had fun. Both times, the employees were attentive and helpful.
Lisa Stute
14:36 06 Apr 18
This was my second escape room and I would recommend to people of almost any age. We did it as a birthday party for my niece who just turned 11. It was great for everyone involved and we all had so much fun.
Emily Bodwell
16:56 04 Apr 18
Fun and challenging
Lunar_ Zion
23:21 23 Mar 18
Super fun
Toby MacDonald
01:10 21 Mar 18
This was an exciting place to visit and each of their rooms were very unique in the problem solving
Joseph Davis
22:46 04 Mar 18
This was my first ever escape room. To be honest I was a little skeptical because of the location, I guess I just expected a huge warehouse type of location; shame on me for judging a book by its cover. I had a blast and I am officially hooked. I can not wait to do my next escape room. Not that I have anything to compare to but for a first time experience I would defiantly recommend Brainy Actz Escape Rooms pirate adventure. You wont be disappointing.
Linda Pitts
18:47 27 Feb 18
Fun team building group activity
Allison Thanongsinh
22:52 23 Feb 18
Honestly best escape experience yet.
Vince Moreno
06:51 08 Feb 18
Great fun for everyone!
Stacie Davis
04:03 18 Jan 18
Absolutely the greatest time, looking forward to going back and doing another Room. I Would recommend this place to anyone. The more the merrier, the rooms are challenging.
14:46 16 Jan 18
So much fun! Great place to take a group for a fun time. I went with my daughter and we were teamed up with 4 other young ladies and had the best time! A must do for everyone.
Karen Laszko
01:48 12 Jan 18
They had amazing rooms that were fun and engaging! The people who worked there treated us with nothing but kindness.
Victoria Brannon
16:23 01 Jan 18
Took the team for a team builder. Very challenging rooms and we had a blast!
Shannon Black
02:56 01 Jan 18
The girls that checked us in were the best, super fun and excited for our group. We had such a great time trying to escape. A group must.
Michelle Clyde, Realtor
12:22 23 Dec 17
Had a lot of fun, good for friend outings
Brandon Scales
10:14 19 Dec 17
Great fun! Taylor was amazing and super energetic. Would recommend and we will be going back for the advanced room next time.
jay estrela
05:55 09 Dec 17
My birthday was awesome and great customer service!
Marcie Carter
04:44 07 Nov 17
Checked this place out with my friends for his birthday. You have 60 minutes to accomplish your goal or escape. So Much Fun! Great time in temecula if you are looking for something fun and different
Jackson Lopez
02:14 09 Oct 17
Wow! We had an amazing time at this place. We were in town visiting for a wedding and I can't get over how strong the customer service was. The gentleman I spoke to on the phone was extremely accommodating of us booking last minute. And our host was awesome! We did the Legacy room, which apparently is their newest room with a party of 6. The clues all made sense and really tied together into the entire story. We had a mixture of people who have tried escape rooms before and some first timers. We used all our clues and got out with an additional 4 minutes or so. It was so nice that they actually let us finish. We will definitely come back out if we are ever in the area again.
John Rodgers
04:38 06 Oct 17
We have been to a few escape rooms before and wanted to check this one out while visiting temecula. It was a great atmosphere for the family. The clues were perfect for our family of four and it wasn't too difficult. Nothing was scary which is helpful for my daughter as she does not like things to pop out or frighten her. While we were there they hosted a birthday party that looked like a blast. You can tell that this company is great with kids and adults. Highly recommend!
Donald Green
18:04 30 Sep 17
Wow. Our first time! There were 3 of us, in our group. We did the pirate room which was awesome. Definitely coming back to do the jungle room. Unfortunately it took us 1 hour and 20 minutes 😂 LOL. But definitely worth finishing. Thank you for an awesome experience. Fun fun fun!!!
Ingrid Kelly
20:43 23 Aug 17
Great fun
mark hatcher
03:30 22 Aug 17
Brainy Actz was my 6th escape room experience and let me tell you it was beyond fun! I came with a group of 10 of my friends, they have an awesome location very close to old town Temecula. Taylor was our host and was very friendly and accommodating, I enjoyed their lobby before hand they have a great selection of games and brain warm ups. We did both rooms, Great Pirate Escape and The Lost Jungle Safari, both rooms were super challenging but fun. Clues tied together well which we appreciated as some escape rooms clues can get random. Overall 10 out of 10 I will be trying out their other two locations soon. Thanks Brainy Actz for the Fun adventures!
Joe Cryderman
23:47 31 Jul 17
We visited Brainy Actz this week while visiting family , this was my first escape room experience and I am hooked now! The girl who was working was super enthusiastic and explained everything in detail since it was our first time. The Pirate room definitely makes you think outside of the box, I liked it because it required our entire family to work together. I would highly suggest Brainy Actz as a family outing as we had a blast.
Katie Gewecke
19:49 31 Jul 17
Best thing I've done with my family in a long time!!! Planned this for my son, his wife, and my 3 grandchildren. No one had any idea what to expect, but we heard amazing things from friends who had done it so I thought we'd give it a try. It's so tough to get the kids off the phones and iPads now a days, but this had everyone fully engaged. The kids were going wild we all had way too many laughs! Our host Taylor was amazing, and extremely patient with us. We did not escape but we had a blast! This is Temecula's first escape room and they have two other locations. Everything about it is unique and there is tons of space in the actual experience. Lots for all of us to do. We will for sure be back to try the Jungle room!!
Martha Rodgers
02:01 31 Jul 17
My girlfriend and I came to check out this Escape Room in Temecula and it did not disappoint. This was our 16th escape room and we had a blast. This escape room is different as you can tell they really do cater towards families and businesses as there is nothing scary or inappropriate in the rooms. Completely family-friendly. They even have a large lobby with some fun and cool games to keep you entertained before going into the experiences. Usually its just the escape room experiences and no cool lobby. Some of the other themes that we have done in the past at other escape rooms have been really graphic/scary so it was good to see something different for once. The storyline and clues were awesome for the great pirate escape. If you are looking for something fun to do in Temecula I would suggest coming here as it is unique, different and a fun time! #goodjobbrainyactz
Vince Gonzales
16:45 26 Jul 17

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