Are you willing to risk it all to possess the true power of “Excalibur”? Your reign could begin today…

Kings, Wizards, Knights, Magic, and War…the legend of King Arthur and his prized sword “Excalibur” dates back well over a thousand years.  Most believe these stories are just those of old folklore, however, there is truth behind the myth…

As the legend goes, when King Arthur was killed, his now famous sword, “Excalibur”, was thrown into the waters of Dozmary Pool, never to be seen again.  Yet, many historians and adventurers have sought an alternate ending to this legendary tale.

Recent discoveries have revealed that ”Excalibur” was never disposed of, instead, it remained with the all-powerful wizard, Merlin, to be protected by a spell, until it was claimed by the true heir to the throne.  Do you believe this is your destiny?  Are you willing to risk it all to possess the true power of “Excalibur”?  Your reign could begin today…

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Escape Rooms & Puzzle Games

Looking for exciting escape room or puzzle game activities? Brainy Actz Escape Rooms offers real-life puzzle adventures that lock you in a room for 60 minutes with up to 10 people. Your goal: solve puzzles and objectives to escape before time runs out.

The Ultimate Escape Room Experience

Brainy Actz Escape Rooms for Kids and AdultsBrainy Actz offers the most interactive and engaging escape game experiences. Our escape rooms cater to adults and kids, testing teamwork, problem-solving skills, and intellect. Adults face challenging puzzles, while kids receive extra hints from staff via walkie-talkie when needed. Bring your friends and family for an unforgettable adventure. With various escape games to choose from, we’re confident you’ll keep returning to tackle the next Brainy Actz challenge.

Why Choose Brainy Actz for Your Next Adventure?

In addition to our unique escape rooms, depending on the location, we offer a variety of exciting activities (see below), which may include arrow tag, paint spatter rooms, rage rooms, bowl ball, axe throwing, and more. Whether you’re looking for a mental challenge or a fun way to blow off steam, Brainy Actz has something for everyone. Our activities are also ideal for hosting corporate team-building events and birthday parties.

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