Aug 15, 2017

How Music Can Help You Focus During an Escape Game

Music plays such a huge role in everyday lives. From the fast, power chords to the tender, soulful blues, people listen to certain types of music depending on their moods.

Not only do people listen to music just for the sake of listening to it but, often enough, music acts as a catalyst for carrying out tasks. No matter how mundane or exciting, people focus on these tasks in some way, shape, or form. Whether they’re studying for an upcoming test, working out, or trying to pass the time while performing a menial chore, music can really set the mood for intense concentration.

Why is this, though? Sometimes, it can be difficult to focus, especially when outside noises may affect your thoughts as your mind processes them.

Science has shown that music with syncopated rhythms allow greater concentration than music with irregular beats and sounds; however, this trend varies from person to person. Some people are perfectly fine performing a task while listening to music like heavy metal and screamo. On the other hand, some prefer the soft, serene sounds of instrumental music or nature sounds (can I get a Raincloud amen?).

When it comes to doing an escape room, music can enhance the experience by adding another level of immersion that matches the overall theme of the room itself. While some people may think it’s distracting, others express the captivating nature of music, how it engrosses them in the escape game environment, and motivates them to achieve their goal.

Whatever your preference is, an immersive experience like an escape room is designed to stimulate select human senses, including hearing.


Working on a boring exercise is bad enough, but pairing that with a dull environment? Well, let’s just say that you’re in for one helluva long day.

How Music Can Help You Focus During an Escape Game

Many people need something besides a regular cup of coffee to get through their day of performing a wide assortment of tasks with varying amounts of difficulty – some boring and some not so boring. Regardless of the task, the right type of music can produce motivational sounds that stimulate your mind as well as your body. When someone is stimulated both emotionally and physically, they’re more likely to engage in whatever task they’re presented with. Escape rooms capitalize on these feelings, presenting unique, immersive adventures that fully captivate its participants similar to being the main character in a video game.

If you think about it, video games without music would just be weird and awkward. You’d be exploring the environment with minor action sounds that are random and feel like something is missing. Games are designed to excite the Player and get them to perform various functions to complete the overall objective. Since escape rooms are live depictions of video games, it’s no surprise that the music aspect has carried over from the digital to the physical world in order to motivate players on their adventure while retaining the overall gaming atmosphere.

Music Type

In addition to motivation, certain types of music can transform something usually monotonous into something tolerable (or even enjoyable) as well as help pass the time while performing jobs that require repetition. Think about some of the most mundane chores out there: mowing the lawn, folding laundry, washing the dishes, etc. A normal person would do anything to get a job done faster if it motivated them enough while passing the time.

It’s obvious that the type of music (or background noise for that matter) is highly influential in performing a certain function. Music that is personally favored will most likely be conducive in focusing on the task at hand, while music that is not will have the opposite effect. Our brain responds to different types of music in particular ways, some following norms like feeling happy when listening to upbeat music but, again, it’s really up to personal preference.

It’s also important to note that different types of music affect our moods. For example, during an escape game, we at Brainy Actz try to come up with music that fits the theme of the adventure as well as features sounds that will induce a sense of motivation. Therefore, we purposely choose tracks without any lyrics to avoid any potential distractions or shifts in focus when working on puzzles and riddles.

Music featured in video games is designed to get Players to perform various tasks (essentially playing the game) while adding to the level of immersion within the game’s environment. A video game soundtrack like The Legend of Zelda is complementary to the game’s unique story: a fantasy, action-adventure of good versus evil. If someone were to listen to this music on its own without playing the game, they would be able to get a sense of what the story is about and paint a picture in their mind. That’s how mesmerizing music can be in this type of setting.

Similarly, the same principle can be applied to escape games. Because these immersive experiences are on a time constraint (usually 60 minutes), we strive to fully captivate our audience from the moment they step into the escape room. It may sound like common sense, but music plays a huge part in the transformative process, enveloping the audience in the game’s environment and transforming them into the main characters of the story.

Maintaining concentration without getting distracted is easier said than done.

Just remember: the right type of music can really get you going.


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